Aaron Surtees

BSc (Hons) Dip, ETUL. Hyp. Adv. NLP. MTCHA

Aaron Surtees

Aaron Surtees is Director of City Hypnosis, London’s leading hypnotherapy practice. He studied Psychology and Health  at the University of Southampton. He is trained to the highest level in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Originally practicing from his clinic at 1 Harley Street, Aaron Surtees now operates at a prime location in the heart of the City of London, off Chancery Lane, Holborn.

The practice continues to appear prominently in the media as featured most recently in an Interview with Simon Mayo on BBC Radio 2’s Drivetime Show and the BBC3 Documentary: Cherry Healey: Get a Life – Are We All Addicts?

Aaron Surtees is a registered therapist. His NHS Provider Number is 8GP40.

As a result of high success rates, City Hypnosis receives private referrals from many Doctor’s. Click here for an example of a referral letter.

Kate Barker

Dip, Hyp. Adv. NLP. CHT

Kate has a wealth of experience in hypnosis. After studying Psychology and Sociology at the University of Essex, she further trained in Nutrition and Personal Training. She trained in hypnotherapy to the highest standards. She is a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist practising to the highest standards of excellence.

Specialising in weight loss, eating disorders, confidence building, anxiety management and curing unwanted habits. She has received additional training from Aaron Surtees. She uses advanced hypnotic techniques to secure her high success rates. Success rates are monitored regularly by City Hypnosis via client feedback.

Jo Gowda

MA (Hons) Dip. Adv. Hyp

Jo Gowda has a wealth of experience in hypnosis and has trained with well regarded hypnotherapists and best selling self help author Valerie Austin.

She also has a university Masters Degree in Social Sciences and Psychology. She is a fully qualified and registered member of the General Hypnotherapy Register. Jolanta has further trained in Advanced Structured Hypnotherapy and Mind Re-programming.

She has worked successfully for several years in London’s Harley Street. She enjoys high success rates with a number of treatments including: confidence, stopping smoking, psycho-sexual issues, relationship problems, weight loss, addictions including gambling and drugs amongst many others.

Helen Craven


Helen has a rich experience of over 25 years in complimentary health and 15 years as a practicing hypnotherapist. She has trained with some of the world leading and award winning hypnotherapists including US based Calvin Banyan.

Helen enjoys high success rates across a broad range of treatments including weight loss, anxiety, confidence, phobias, eating disorders, female psycho sexual issues and many more. She is also an accredited HypnoBirthing practitioner certified and authorised to teach the complete HypnoBirthing programme (Mongan Method).

Laura Rahaman

BSc (Hons) HCE Dip.Hyp.Adv. (Reg.) BIH

Laura has extensive experience in the self help and alternative therapies. She has lead self development courses, and has used her skills in dementia centres in the uk. She trained at the highly regarded Hypnotherapy Centre of Excellence and is certified by the British Institute of Hypnotherapy. She is also trained in CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and can combine hypnosis with the best of CBT where needed.

She is a registered hypnotherapist who now uses her passion for therapy work to help improve and change peoples lives. She specialises and enjoys high success rates in weight loss, relationship problems, psycho sexual issues, smoking, addictions, stress and anxiety and a number of other areas.

Shaan White

BSc (Hons) MNCH (Reg.), HPD

After graduating from the University of Canterbury Shaan trained to the highest levels in clinical hypnotherapy. He has since enjoyed over 6 years of excellent patient feedback for his hypnotic techniques in creating long term success.

He specialises in anxiety and phobias but also uses his skills to achieve consistently high levels of success across a broad range, including weight loss, confidence building, unwanted habits and addictions including gambling, smoking and drinking.

Shaan is also an Anxiety UK therapist with advanced techniques to help overcome anixety, stress and panic disorders. He is a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and an accredited member of the General Hypnotherapy Register.

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