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City Hypnosis Reviews

The following testimonials provide a snapshot of some of the issues that City Hypnosis have helped with. To view more testimonials, click on the related links below, or click here to visit our latest Google Reviews


Mainly at work with the tight deadlines, comings and goings I used to get really angry and bully people with my angry outbursts. The sessions I had definitely helped me to deal far more calmly with the things that used to infuriate me.

Thomas, 41, Art Director, Aug 2013

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I went to see Aaron after being recommended to him from a family member. I was suffering from severe panic attacks, shaking, paranoia, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, my heart used to pound like crazy and I thought I was having a heart attack and dying, it was completely irrational but at the time it felt severe. Even getting to the session was difficult as I became worried about going too far from my house. It had unbelievable results and one year on I have not had one incident and it only took three sessions. Thanks to Aaron and City Hypnosis. Highly recommend it, I still tell people today.

Dominic, 29, Banking, Jan 2014

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Binge drinking got me into a lot of trouble, and I used to flip between a Jekyll & Hyde drinking personality. The hypnosis worked! For me, a testament of how strong the therapy was, is that it kicks in even whilst you’re drinking. Consciously or unconsciously, when I get to my set limit I start drinking water, soft drinks or I just don’t drink any more even when friends or colleagues around me continue drinking.The therapy was brilliant, deeply relaxing and it got my head around establishing control and responsibility with my drinking. I no longer fall from mildly tipsy to out of control drunk. I am now aware of where that tipping point is and am able to slow down or stop drinking when I’ve reached it

Iain, 33, Asset Management, Jul 2012

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Even one session made a huge difference. Prior to the session I kept on torturing myself, and prepared for the worst. I could not accept realistic explanations that the risk is negligible. I took two flights( over 12 hours each) within a week and departed on the day of the session. I was much calmer and relaxed than ever before. I tried so many things before, but they were all just very short-term almost solutions. This therapy opened new doors in my life, as I found more courage for traveling.

Rosie Garcia, 29, Telecommunications, Mar 2014

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I was recommended to city hypnosis by my GP for helping with a chronic lower back pain issues that had affected my life for over 20 years. I have been able to use the techniques I learnt from Aaron Surtees to control back pain. I have been to use the mind visualisation techniques to lower my feelings of pain. I have also felt far happier and more positive and realise that I no longer need to feel trapped in my body by pain. I feel I have taken control since the hypnosis and am very grateful for the benefits to my life.

Katherine Kane, 39, Risk Management, Sep 2013

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I was recommended to CityHypnosis by a friend and am glad I went. I am sleeping much better and feel one hundred times better since the therapy.

Mila, 26, Personal Trainer, Mar 2014

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I am so glad I looked into hypnosis because it definitely has worked for me. My symptoms vanished session by session. I now feel much happier. I eat what I want and I no longer care about what I eat or where I am or where the nearest loo might be. Many thanks for your help.

Jane, 33, Administrator, Feb 2014

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I’ve felt like a different person since the hypnosis and my relationship with my husband is now brilliant as the jealousy was the one thing affecting the quality of our relationship. Was definitely the best investment of my life.

Kathleen, 41, Recruitment, Jan 2014

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When I came to Aaron at City Hypnosis I had taken my practical driving test 3 times and failed miserably on each attempt. I was fine in lessons and really didn’t have anything else to learn but as soon as I knew a test was approaching I would become a nervous wreck. I wasn’t sleeping properly a few days before and by the day of the test I’d be physically shaking with fear and each time was worse than the last. I had about four sessions in total with Aaron.During the sessions I felt completely relaxed, safe and comfortable but was fully aware of everything around me.

During and after each session I had a complete sense of calm. It was like waking up from a really good nights sleep. I recently took my practical test and actually enjoyed the process. I was calm and in control the whole time but more importantly I passed (and passed well). Hypnotherapy isn’t the stage tricks you see on TV it really is an effective treatment for anxiety. For anyone who needs a bit of help with anxiety issues I would highly recommend booking an appointment!

Natalie, Accountant, Mar 2014

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I saw Aaron twice before a job interview. I noticed a difference in that anxiety did not affect my ability to communicate things as I wanted to. I was offered the job, so the hypnosis turned out to be a good investment.

Jason Ditton, 27, Law, Sep 2013

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Hello Aaron, just a courtesy email to let you know that I have been out several times over the past few months and I haven’t thought about the drugs. I’d like to thank you very much for your help and would recommend you to anyone who needs help in this manner. You take care Aaron and thank you again.

Broker, London, Mar 2014

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Having tried and failed to quell my 8 year gambling habit through sheer will power alone, I turned to hypnosis. I could not be more thankful for having entrusted Aaron with my treatment. Hypnosis has truly changed my mindset in a way I could not have possibly imagined and the thoughts and compulsions that plagued me daily have seemingly vanished. I could not recommend City Hypnosis highly enough.

Ben, 41, Journalism, Oct 2014

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Aaron helped me kick the habit over 5 yrs ago and I am proud to say I have never thought of smoking since. Very effective and long lasting cure as far as I’m concerned. Giving up has blessed me a new lease of life and some serious fitness- a sub 40minute 10k last year and a healthy indulgence in triathlons!

Gary Lawton, 37, Partner, Russam GMS, Feb 2014

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I am so astonished and delighted with the results and with the fact that it felt effortless. Since the sessions, 6 months ago, I have lost 34 pounds, 3 dress sizes and 7.5% body fat.

Melanie Evans, 34, PA, Feb 2014

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