What is Executive Coaching?

City Hypnosis has provided executive coaching for individuals and group programmes since 2007, specialising in a particular form of executive coaching known as mind coaching. Mind coaching uses specific techniques to help positively transform people’s mindsets, principally using hypnosis/hypnotic suggestion as a way to boost sales confidence as well as to eliminate public speaking anxiety. Aaron offers bespoke group sessions of up to 100 as well as 1-1 consultations. The company provides bespoke individual and group hypnosis for our two main programmes:

Sales confidence Mind Coaching

Confidence is key to successful selling. No matter how good or how bad the product or service you are selling is, if you’re under confident and/or have an anxiety about picking up the phone, meeting potential clients, or simply walking into a conference, sales will be massively impacted.

Aaron has been featured on many media, tv, radio and press. He has also worked as a business coach for many small, medium and large companies including Burberry, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Latham & Watkins, 02, Baker McKenzie, Beats, Henderson, UBS, Nomura to name a few.

Our sales confidence programmes has proven successful for many years. Leading hypnotherapist, business coach and entrepreneur Aaron Surtees uses his experience and expert mind coaching to help eliminate sales fear and cement consistently high levels of natural confidence and motivation. He offers bespoke group sessions of up to 100 (as well as 1-1 consultations). Year on year sales typically increase 5 fold following the programme. He always asks for every company he works with to set a target and targets are always equalled or surpassed.

Presentation Confidence Mind Coaching

We all know public speaking can be daunting, (a recent American study revealed that most Americans fear public speaking more than death) For the past 10 years leading hypnotherapist, business coach and entreprenuer Aaron uses his mind coaching and hypnosis skills to replace any fear or anxiety over presentations or any work based public speaking (including routine work meetings) with a calm confidence. A new permanent mindset is created that welcomes public speaking with a new positive excitement and a naturally high level of confidence.

Stress Anxiety Management

Aaron Surtees uses his highly effective Surtees Method hypnosis to bring about lasting change for clients wanting to better manage stress anxiety levels. He regularly speaks at conferences and within companies to provide insightful tips, information, interactive group work and group hypnosis. Clients are taught how to self hypnotise and use the techniques they have been taught in effectively management stress anxiety levels.

Feedback has been consistently positive over the 7 years of Aaron’s work in the executive coach corporate arm of his highly regarded Chancery Lane based practice City Hypnosis.

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  • 1-1 sessions (consultations)
  • Large group sessions (up to 100)
  • Small group sessions
  • Bespoke group sessions


  • Year on Year sales increase
  • Eliminate sales fear
  • Cement consistently high levels of natural confidence and motivation
  • Replace any fear or anxiety over presentations with confidence
  • New positive excitement and a naturally high level of confidence


Sales confidence Mind Coaching

  • For the vast majority of Aaron’s corporate clients he charges £2500 per head.

Presentation Confidence Mind Coaching

  • For the vast majority of Aaron’s corporate clients he charges £2500 per head.



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