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Get Fit! (Exercise Motivation)

Using the wealth of experience of internationally acclaimed Hypnotherapist Aaron Surtees, his hypnosis download programme for exercise motivation helps re-programme your subconscious to want to exercise regularly, consistently and permanently. It benefits both those who already exercise but want to increase intensity and motivation and for those just starting out with a new exercise regime.

Exercise will be seen as a pleasure and not a chore. You will feel inspired to push yourself further and harder. This creates a new positive cycle of enjoying the endorphin rush of exercise and wanting more of it but within a controlled and healthy pattern. Being good for a few days or weeks and the giving up after a food binge or a holiday will be a thing of the past. A consistent exercise mindset is created, allowing for a permanent and positive shift in your quality and enjoyment of life.

• High Success Rate

• Enjoy regular exercise

• See exercise positively

• Long term consistency


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The natural state of hypnosis is used to create an in-built motivation for exercise, making it an integral and highly valued part of your life. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is also added for maximum impact and lasting results. We have an exceptionally high success rate with this programme and it has been widely acknowledged as a ground breaking product that helps to establish a lasting exercise mindset. 

Instructions for use:

(Note: the programme/s can be downloaded onto any iOS or Android device or your PC etc)

1) Try to listen with headphones or earphones at a time and place where you will NOT BE disturbed for around 30 mins.

2) Sit or lay in a comfortable place (usually bed, chair or sofa are best) in a room temperature that is comfortable for you.

3) Try to listen EVERYDAY for the first 1-2 weeks or as many times as practicable for you.

4) You CANNOT over listen, generally speaking the more you listen the more the message is reinforced, so you could listen for weeks! (remember as well as being all about results its also highly relaxing, therapeutic and de-stressing)

5) When you have got the result you want its fine to stop listening (remembering you have the recording FOREVER) should you need it in future.

6) If you fall asleep each time you listen, try it earlier in the day, its most beneficial not to be sleeping throughout it (rather in a physically relaxed but mentally aware and alert state ie the 'hypnotic state')

7) If you have downloaded multiple treatment downloads, its fine to listen to them on alternate days. AVOID listening to MORE than one recording a day.

8) Last but certainly NOT least - ENJOY THE RESULTS!

Best Regards Always,

Aaron Surtees

(Clinical Hypnotherapist - Director of City Hypnosis)