Unwanted Habits

City Hypnosis is London’s leading hypnosis practice according to success rates and reputation. Our hypnosis to stop unwanted habits helps eliminate your unwanted habits by effectively re-programming your subconscious mind. The programme helps you to break the old cycle which for many originated from childhood.

It works for a full range of unwanted habits and behaviours which are carried out unconsciously, usually in search of comfort and often as a result of perceived stressful situations.

We have helped people stop unwanted habits within 2 sessions, including the habits of nail biting, thumb sucking, swearing, teeth grinding, mouth chewing, hair pulling, eyebrow picking, eye lash picking, nose picking, eye touching, nose touching, skin scratching, mouth pulling amongst many others.

As a result of our high success rates, we are recommended by doctors. 

Sessions cost £195

(3-5 usually needed)

*Please note hypnosis alone is no guarantee of success. The client needs to want the change and be open and motivated to change via the use of hypnosis.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9am-9pm
Weekends:           10am-5pm

Please allow 24 hours notice prior to canceling any appointment or the full session fee will be required. All major cards are accepted.

All client data is kept strictly confidential.


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*Hypnosis (as in any other psychological based treatment) is never 100% guaranteed and requires the desire to change and an openness to allow it to work for you.

2 years since the session and no nail biting thanks a lot.

Thomas, 29, Mar 2014

Hey Aaron, I’m back in my native Norway now but just a note to say thanks. The hypnosis worked first time, I no longer grind my teeth during the daytime, or at night!

Marianne, 31, Jan 2014