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Do you want to lose weight?

Thousands of people are feeling just like you do right now. Christmas has been and gone, the festivities have brought a few extra pounds and the drinking sessions seem to have continued from there.

But deep down, you know you’re not really happy with whats going on and you want to change.

Maybe diets haven’t worked for you so far, but you’re willing to try something that will give you the positive edge you need to control the cravings you have around food.

If hypnotherapy is something that you are prepared to try, why don’t you download my free e-book on why dieting alone won’t provide the results you’ve been seeking.

weight loss ebook cover 2

Understand why Diets alone don't maintain Weight Loss Success

Download our guide on why diets alone fail to maintain success!

Hypnotherapy supports your diet by:

  • Planting subconscious suggestion
  • Removing the need to cheat
  • Learn why dieting doesn’t change your    habits

Hypnosis has proven results in aiding weight loss.

Many people have to understand that a bad or unhealthy diet usually comes from years of habitual training of your food consumption.

Working late, lack of access to healthy, suitable alternatives, lifestyle and a lack of understanding of what’s good and what isn’t contribute.

City Hypnosis guide to why diets fail will help you understand these issues.