An Essential Guide to Gastric Band Hypnotherapy
21st January 2021 by Aaron Surtees

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Have you tried everything…?

Restricted diets, unsustainable exercise regimes — all in a worthy effort to maintain your ideal body weight.

And the scary thing is — as you’re probably aware — being overweight or obese puts you at increased risk of several health issues. Diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure are a just few of the worst ones you want to steer clear of…

But let’s face it, long-term weight management is no easy feat.

Due to the relentless schedule that most of the go-to strategies demand, the failure rate is high. So what can you rely on instead?

Well, the title of this article gives you a clue!

So, let’s get into it and summarise the essentials of gastric band hypnotherapy, how much it costs, and what the benefits are.


Gastric band hypnotherapy is a specialised type of hypnotherapy that can help you shift from eating behaviours holding you back. It deals with the subconscious mind — or more specifically, deep-set beliefs that often stop people from losing weight as they wish.

Make sense so far?

Good stuff.

By nature, we’re all born with an instinct to eat when we’re hungry and stop when we’re satiated — which supports us to maintain a healthy weight.

Why, then, might you be struggling to follow your body’s natural signals to stop eating when you’re full?

Overeating is a complex behaviour, but is can be rooted in long-standing beliefs that may have stayed with you for decades. The tricky part is, day-to-day stressors or moments of boredom can activate old (and stubborn) thought-behaviour chains.

Now, the role of gastric band hypnosis is to train your subconscious mind that you’ve had a gastric band fitted around your stomach. Pretty clever, right?

In turn, you may find that previously strong urges to overeat are dampened, allowing you to continue to go about your day as normal.

The advanced techniques used in hypnotherapy are a practical alternative to gastric band surgery, which involves surgically fitting a gastric band…

You don’t need me to tell you that surgery can come with certain risks — including side effects and complications that may damage your health if you can’t follow your medical team’s advice.

Both in-person and virtual gastric band hypnosis are safe ways to convince your mind that you’ve actually undergone surgery.

Source: Mirror
After this therapy, you may benefit from feeling like your stomach has shrunk in size. As a result, you’ll feel more satisfied with lighter meals, which can help you to lose weight more quickly.


Gastric band hypnotherapy is a combination of 4-6 sessions, similar to what you’d receive in other types of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).

During these personalized sessions, your hypnotherapist will put you into a trance state and speak with you about your current and past eating behaviours. This will assist them to identify the root causes of your weight gain.

What’s more, your therapist will gently reprogram your mind with healthy eating habits and positive thoughts that boost confidence and self-belief.

Following the round of sessions, you should be able to start making healthier food choices with greater ease.

The essential part is to make your brain realise it isn’t being punished or denied by going without “cheat” foods. Gastric band hypnotherapy aims to “reprogram” your mind, with fresh, new beliefs that give you more willpower.

Over time, you can benefit from this new perception of food and how you view your body.

Finally, your hypnotherapist will give you recordings that contain subliminal messages to stick to your updated eating habits. You should listen to them every day to reinforce the hypnotherapy results.


Yes, gastric band hypnotherapy is 100% safe.

Unlike surgery, there’s no recovery period and it won’t harm your mind or body. Your hypnotherapist will never make you think anything you don’t want to whilst in hypnosis.

Don’t worry — when you’re brought out of the trance, you won’t feel weird or spaced out. And yes, you’ll remember everything that occurs during the sessions!

Clients of mine typically say that they feel calm, relaxed, and focused after each session.


1.Take Control of your Meals
If you’re overweight, you may feel pressured to follow weight loss programs that involve counting calories. It’s hard to keep up with regimented plans.

But when it comes to gastric band hypnotherapy, you don’t have to count the calories you’re consuming. And you can shout “hooray!” because there’ll be no strict diet plans, either. Instead, you’ll be encouraged to put your own plans and weight goals in place.

Really, the basic premise in gastric band hypnotherapy is that your mind plays a vital role in your weight loss journey.

For instance, you may keep getting cravings to eat unhealthy foods (or simply too much food) at awkward times of the day.

Afternoons and night-time tend to be the two biggest danger zones!

But hypnotherapy can alleviate this issue and reprogram your mind to start eating nourishing meals that sustain you and trim down on any excess weight you might be carrying.

2.No Need to Rely on Weight Loss Products
I can’t deny that people who use weight loss products can and do lose weight. However, regaining the weight they lost is frustratingly common once people stop using the product.

In face-to-face and virtual gastric band hypnotherapy, there are no weight loss products involved…

The easy-to-follow techniques allow you to lose weight naturally. I see this as one of the most significant benefits of hypnosis, because it can improve self-esteem and self-worth.

3.Weight Loss Made Easier than Ever
After dieting for weeks or months and not witnessing the results they’d hoped for, many people give up and return to their old eating patterns.

Gastric band hypnotherapy can bring your mind and emotions on board with the weight loss process. You’ll feel less hungry and make losing weight your prime goal.

As a result, this therapy is great for eliminating the mental tension, stress, and negative feelings that can be a constant hassle during your weight loss journey.

And just in case you ever fall back into old eating habits, your hypnotherapist can encourage you to go easy on yourself and stick to the goals that match your new identity.


The cost of gastric band hypnotherapy will vary from therapist to therapist.

Hypnotherapists with years of experience are likely to charge more.

Typically, the total for 4-6 sessions will cost £1000 – £1500, which is still considerably lower than gastric band surgery.


Gastric band hypnosis is a fast-acting, non-invasive way to move towards your target body weight.

The therapy will work best for you if your intentions for losing weight are clear, and you’re prepared to take the necessary actions.

Active participation in the treatment is key — it’s very much a “with you” rather than “to you” process. You’ll be able to have open discussions with your hypnotherapist and listen to the shared recordings to get the best results.

So, all things considered, what’s holding you back?

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