Anxious, stressed, overeating or can’t seem to quit smoking? Why hypnotherapy could be the key to happiness!

Are you filled with anxiety or fear? Do you find yourself prone to emotional eating or using ‘life crutches’ such as smoking, drinking or recreational drugs to cope with the daily stresses of life? 

The answer to tackling these problems could lie, not with willpower alone, but with hypnotherapy. 

If we look at the psychology behind hypnosis, we see that there’s the conscious mind and then there’s the subconscious mind. 

Hypnotherapy focuses on reprogramming the subconscious mind in order to overcome or control habits that are stopping you from leading a happy and fulfilled life.

Hypnotherapist Aaron Surtees is only too aware of the power of hypnotherapy to enable clients to master their lives. 

Mr Surtees has treated celebrities, including Charlie Brooker and Ant McPartlin, at his London-based practice.

Here, in his latest blog, Mr Surtees reveals the top five life problems people seek his help for and why hypnotherapy is the best form of treatment to overcome these issues to lead a happy and fulfilled life. 

Why are anxiety, weight gain, smoking, lack of confidence and excessive drinking the top five most common problems people seek help for?

Aaron explains: ‘’Anxiety or social phobia, problems with over-eating, lack of confidence, inability to stop smoking and excessive drinking are so common because of the triggers they cause in the brain’’.

‘’They are issues that are connected to the reward centre of the brain and to the part of the mind that relates to emotions. These issues are very much problems related to the world in which we live in today’’. 

‘’We no longer live in the caveman era where we lived in fear because our daily existence was literally a fight for survival’’.

‘’Now that fear has turned into anxiety in the modern world and has been caused by the hyper-connected world we live in. Human beings feel they are in constant competition whether in the workplace for jobs or with friends and peers when it comes to living ‘our best lives’’.

‘’It’s this pressure that causes anxiety or lack of confidence and this then leads to people emotional eating, smoking or drinking to relieve the stress. These activities cause a dopamine hit in the brain which releases feel-good emotions and they then become unhealthy coping mechanisms. It then becomes a vicious cycle and eventually a habit that is hard to break.’’

Why is hypnotherapy the best treatment for these problems?  

Said Aaron: ‘’Hypnotherapy is quick acting and can yield positive changes that will last long term.’’ 

‘’Hypnosis is safe and effective and has been scientifically proven to improve health and well-being. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are known to achieve success at diminishing negative habits after just a few sessions.’’

‘’Hypnosis relates not to the conscious mind but to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind relates to the part which can be reprogrammed in order to help quit smoking, overeating. During hypnotherapy sessions the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed in such an extent that the willpower to quit smoking is boosted and made more powerful.’’

‘’It’s important people understand that hypnosis is not only effective but totally safe.’’

‘’A lot of people have the false belief that hypnosis can be used against them or that they will lose control over themselves. This simply is not true. It is an idea that has been born from fiction or Hollywood movies. In reality, hypnosis is an art which has helped thousands to quit smoking or lose weight or helped boost confidence so that people can achieve their full potential.’’

What would you say to disbelievers who fail to understand the power of hypnotherapy? 

Aaron concludes: ‘’Try it before you knock it. Just one session will begin the journey of transforming your life!’’