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Hypnotherapy has lots of different applications, but one that people often find the most surprising is the powerful way that it can help to improve a person’s love life.


City Hypnosis is one of London’s leading hypnotherapy practices, founded by Aaron Surtees – one of the UK’s most experienced practitioners. Backed by a team of experts, City Hypnosis have an incredible 92% success rate in treatments. Today they’re giving us their top 5 ways that hypnotherapy can help to save your relationships and restore that loving feeling!


  1. Rekindling – hypnotherapy can be an effective way to restore a sense of peace and love in a marriage or relationship, helping to process past pains and negative emotions.


  1. Sex life – sex is often considered one of the most important parts of a relationship. However, a variety of issues can surface for both men and women, including delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and vaginismus. Furthermore, people’s libido often decreases when there are pressures or anxieties in their lives. By removing certain blocks, a couple can greatly improve their sex life.


  1. Romance – romance can exist in any relationship, whether you’ve been together for 1 week or 30 years. Use hypnotherapy to remind you and your partner why you fell in love.


  1. Fresh start – hypnotherapy can erase old memories, creating a new, loving spontaneity and the feeling of a fresh start. If you're still hung up on an ex-partner, this can be damaging to the relationship. But hypnotherapy can help you achieve the confidence you need to get over an old relationship and create a fresh start!


  1. Reminders - sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees and need gentle reminders of what it is that we love about our partners. Hypnotherapy can do just that.


Interested in the powers of hypnosis? Learn more by visiting our blog or by booking in a consultation with Aaron Surtees here. 


Can hypnotherapy for stopping smoking work?

The question on the minds of many is, does hypnotherapy for stopping smoking work? Hypnotherapy has been used for a long time and some people have benefitted from this mode of treatment. Since it is a non-invasive one, some people have fared well in it.

Are you next for your Covid jab? Celebrity hypnotherapist reveals a 90% surge in calls to tackle needle phobia & reveals his best tips to tackle the problem

The Government’s mass vaccination programme against Covid-19 is continuing at pace.

However, while headlines about the jabs have been dominated by safety concerns, for many it is a fear of needles that is causing anxiety and extreme levels of upset.

The rollout has now moved on to the over-45s age group and those in their 30s are expected to be vaccinated in the coming months.

As it stands, there is no alternative to the needle. All Covid-19 vaccines have to be given via injection.

For many this has proved a turning point in wanting to confront their needle phobia. Hypnotherapist Aaron Surtees said he has seen a staggering 90% surge in calls asking for help to eliminate the problem following the start of the vaccination programme. The majority are young professionals who have had the problem since childhood.

He said: ‘’Before the Government announcement about Covid jabs it was not unusual for a year or a couple of years to pass before I would get a phone call asking for help to tackle needle phobia.

‘’In the last 3 months, since the vaccine rollout started, I have had at least one phone call a week.

‘’It has been an equal mix of males and females and they are in the 30s to 50s age group. A lot of them have had the problem for life but have been forced to confront their fears because of the vaccine.’’

How does gastric band hypnotherapy work?

How does gastric band hypnotherapy work? Gastric band hypnotherapy works by your hypnotherapist delivering a message to your subconscious instructing it to believe you have had a gastric band fitted. Many people report feeling full quite quickly when eating after the treatment, like their stomach has been really restricted. BUT WHAT IS A GASTRIC BAND?