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Common Myths about Hypnosis


A significant number of proven successful applications have been reported over the years. However, there are still common misconceptions about hypnosis. They include: 

•    Getting Stuck In A Hypnotic Trance

Some people think that it is possible to get trapped in a hypnotic trance without coming out of the state. It is not true. Professionals only access your mind upon your will. You are in control of the situation meaning you can switch back at any time. If a hypnosis patient is left unattended while in trace for a few minutes, they fall asleep and wake up naturally. You will also recognize the urgency of circumstances that require your alertness such as a fire while in the state.  

•    Hypnosis Is A Supernatural Or Magical Practice

This belief is based on what people see in fiction movies. Fiction ideas are not factual. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind partly equivalent to daydreaming. Hypnotherapists’ access the unconscious part of the mind to provide insights and break a bad habit that is based on locked up uncomfortable memories. It has nothing to do with occult abilities. 

•    Amnesia Before And After The Hypnosis Process
There are very rare cases of forgetting what happened during and after the hypnosis process. It has a temporary effect on an individual’s memory often referred to as posthypnotic amnesia. 

•    Negative impact on an individual’s health

Hypnosis process is a natural and safe for everyone. We have all experience a hypnotic state directly or indirectly. The latter is common when we are lost in some of our past memories or experiences while driving, walking or watching. There are a few activities that trigger our unconscious memories. We never get hurt during the process and the same concept applies to hypnosis. 

•    It Can Be Done Against Your Will

Fictional movies and books often illustrate how one can be hypnotized without their consent for malicious purposes. The procedure requires voluntary participation of the patient to achieve that state. 

•    Remembering Exact Details Of A Past Event

Popular media has depicted that hypnosis can be used to remember the exact details of a past event such as a crime. It is exaggerated. Hypnosis enhance memory by accessing the subconscious mind to help get past a struggle or to understand the situation. It does not lead to significant memory accuracy and enhancement. There are also cases when it results to distorted or false memories. 



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