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Top Questions to ask your Hypnotherapist in London


Top Questions to ask your Hypnotherapist in London

Aaron Surtees of City Hypnosis London spells out the questions you should ask your potential hypnotherapist in London. You can of course use these questions anywhere, but as his practice is in the City of London, he feels it pertinent to ensure you are armed when you visit him or his peers.

He feels that hypnotherapists in London are like consultants for the mind and therefore he feels that as you wouldn’t hire a consultant on their word, nor should you hire a hypnotherapist in London either. But before we even list the questions always ensure that your hypnotherapist belongs to a recognised body such as The General Hypnotherapy Register.

Questions to ask your Hypnotherapist 

When questioning the hypnotherapist, not only do you want the professional to respond to your questions, but you also want to feel like the hypnotherapist has paid attention and questions you properly in return.

So I split the questions between, background and experience and chemistry and fit. Both extremely important when choosing a hypnotherapist in London.

Background and Experience

  • What was your professional experience before you became a hypnotherapist? And how long have you practiced for?
  • Are you a specialist or a generalist? What value or special skill set do you bring to the table?
  • What is your prior experience with clients of my problem and what are your proven success rates? (Asking about the types of problems a therapist has dealt with can uncover a therapist’s level of variety of issue knowledge. This can avoid a significant number of hours wasted on an unproven therapist.)
  • Have you written anything, published or not, that deals with issues we face? (A good therapist will have written e-books or published books addressing their area of specialism).
  • Who are the people and companies with whom you’ve personally worked before? Can we call them to ask about your work? (Any therapist worth their salt would be happy to divulge clients who can back them up or provide written testimonials or online testimonials).
  • How many sessions typically does it take to achieve results?

Chemistry and Fit of Your hypnotherapist

  • Did the consultant immediately conclude that he or she understands the problems inside and out and has the “perfect solution” without knowing where your problems lie or what issues you are dealing with?
  • What impact will this person’s hypnotherapy sessions have on us long after the treatments or sessions are over?
  • Ask to see images of their practice if there are none on their website (avoid visiting a hypnotherapist in non-professional premises, this often as a result affects the experience and the success rate).
  • Does the consultant appear to walk the talk? Does he practice what he preaches? (For example, visiting an overweight therapist for weight loss therapy may not produce the best results).
  • Do you believe that this person will stand on his or her convictions and deliver therapy through their knowledge tactfully yet directly, whether it’s to be well-received or not?

In his mind, Aaron believes that these questions are vitally important to ensure you are working with the right therapist to achieve the right results. There are of course a number of other questions to ask your potential therapist, but they can develop from your initial conversation based upon your wants and needs. Should you need to ask any questions, feel free to reach out and email us and Aaron will get back as soon as possible.


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