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City Hypnosis have been a leading hypnotherapy practice for more than a decade. The founder and the employees set the highest standards for hypnosis practice amongst many issues using some of the most effective methods. They combine hypnosis and resetting the mind to combat everything from addictions and anxiety to unwanted habits, confidence, phobias, relationship issues, and sexual problems amongst many more.

The high standards help City Hypnosis continuously achieve high success rates across different treatment categories. Here, they actively engage with feedback follow-ups to improve their success rates that are crucial to them and their clients. They have a great reputation across the media. Their hypnosis services have featured in TV shoes as well as magazines and other media. Their skilled, friendly and experienced therapists are looking forward to the first session with you.

What is Hypnosis?

It is the state of relaxed awareness.  Your body will be physically relaxed but alert mentally. During hypnosis, your subconscious mind is most receptive to hypnotic suggestion but you are in full control throughout the session. Hypnosis has proven to be an effective treatment method for many issues. During your sessions, you become aware of your surroundings and your power to concentrate and focus greatly enhanced. In therapeutic terms, the use of hypnosis is known as hypnotherapy.


He is the director at City Hypnosis and one of the most hypnosis practitioners in the UK currently. He has more than a decade in experience, which is backed by many successful outcomes. He studied psychology and hypnosis to the highest levels at University of Southampton. When he was a pupil at the age 11-16, he used to meditate twice daily and has a great history in improving, helping and tapping into the great potential of the mind. He consistently receives amazing reviews from both corporate and individual clients.

As a hypnotherapist, Aaron has treated hundreds of people both in and out the public eye, including actors, musicians, and sports celebrities.


Are you looking for a place to start your hypnosis sessions? If so then City Hypnosis is the place to be. They have a good record of accomplishment and we guarantee you will not be disappointed. The friendly therapists will walk with you in your entire journey.       


Role of Relaxation in Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is an alternative medical treatment option that is aimed at breaking bad past habits that inhibits us from achieving our full potential.

Anger management for teens through hypnotherapy

Feeling angry is normal for all human beings, and it results from frustrations, insults, deception, or even attacks.  It is a natural reaction that does not last long.

Fantastic hypnosis for Weight Loss

Are you preparing for a wedding and want to fit in perfectly in your wedding dress? Alternatively, are you preparing for an event that needs you to lose weight? If so, hypnosis can be an ideal technique to help you with this. Millions of people turn to hypnosis to help them lose a few pounds.