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Smoking Hypnosis in London: How Much Does Hypnotherapy Cost to Quit Smoking?


Are you looking to find out more about hypnosis for smoking in London?

Today’s article will talk you through:

  • The process of hypnosis for smoking

  • How much hypnotherapy costs to quit smoking vs. Long-term costs of smoking

  • Customer reviews of hypnotherapy to stop smoking

Can Hypnotherapy Stop You Smoking?

The short answer is “yes”!

But how exactly can hypnotherapy stop you smoking?

Hypnosis for smoking is done with the aid of a hypnotherapist, who will guide your treatment with a range of verbal suggestions and relaxation techniques.

Before the hypnotherapy to stop smoking begins, your hypnotherapist may ask about your goals for therapy and some background information on your smoking history.

Then, as agreed with you, the hypnotherapist will bring you into a deeply relaxed emotional state.

Once in this much calmer state, the brain is more flexible and impressionable.

Mental images and cues are used by the hypnotherapist to shift old thought patterns in the subconscious mind

This process allows the new, more resilient thoughts to take their place.

You should start to feel a greater sense of control and inner strength. 

Attachments to previous addictions will loosen and you’ll be able to form healthier habits in their place.

How Much Does Hypnotherapy Cost to Quit Smoking (vs. the Cost of Long-Term Smoking)?

First, let’s start with the cost of long-term smoking. We can then compare this data with how much hypnotherapy costs to quit smoking.

The NHS says that the average smoker saves £128 per month by quitting their habit. This adds up to over £1,500 per year.

We recommend that you use the NHS smoking calculator to work out the specific savings you’ll make by stopping smoking.

According to Change, and individual smoking 20 cigarettes per day totals a weekly cost of £65.80 and a monthly cost of £285.15.

After quitting, here’s what you’ll be able to buy on a weekly basis:

Source: Change


As you can see, potential purchases instead of cigarettes include a smart speaker, an annual online shopping subscription, or a crockery set.

And what about on a monthly basis?


Source: Change


The extra £285.15 could get you a computer tablet, a smart TV, or a digital camera.

Fix My Mind also gives us a practical breakdown of the money saved by quitting a 10-a day or a 20-a day habit.

Source: Fix My Mind


The money saved at the 5, 10, and 20-year markers will be a surprise to some!

But how much does hypnotherapy cost to quit smoking? Is hypnosis an affordable treatment?

Ultimately, only you can decide. But at City Hypnosis, here are our current prices (as of August 2020):

  • £295 per session, OR

  • £275 per session for block booking (4 minimum - 4 sessions needed on average)

  • £99.99 for audio program downloads

Sessions are available in-person and online.

Smoking cessation hypnosis can be successful in a single 2-hour session for some clients. Most clients will need a little more than that, though.

A batch of 4 discounted sessions (the average treatment length at City Hypnosis) would cost you £1,100.

So, if you’re a 20-a day smoker, you’ve already saved £656 within 6 months by spending £1,100 on hypnotherapy treatment rather than £1,756 on a 6-month supply of cigarettes.

At the 5-year mark, that’s a potential saving of £16,463!

Note: Please contact us to confirm the prices quoted above remain the same, as they may be updated from time to time.

Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Reviews

We’re proud to say that at City Hypnosis, many clients who came to see us in London for smoking hypnosis are now ex-smokers!

Here are some client reviews of stop smoking hypnotherapy, taken from our Google reviews page:

“A friend told me how amazed he was with Aaron's stop-smoking session. I must admit I wasn't confident it would work for me but I can't recommend City Hypnosis enough. It was so straightforward and relaxed and yet the results are incredible. I haven't had a single cigarette since seeing Aaron 8 months ago. Thanks Aaron.” - Ed Rowe

“Saw City Hypnosis and gave up for 6 months this year and had an amazing smoke free summer. But due to a lad's holiday relapsed and saw Jana for another session. Still smoke free now!” - Pranaye Patel

“I had hypnosis with Aaron about 10 years ago and from the moment I walked out of the session I haven’t touched a cigarette since. No cravings and have no issues being around people who are smoking. For me it was well worth it and have never looked back. Definitely recommend this as a potential way of kicking the habit.” - Ian Smith

“I went to City Hypnosis in 2010 for a stop smoking session. Prior to the session I had been a smoker for 12 years, 10-15 cigarettes a day. I had quit before but it never lasted more than a few months at best. Went for a 1 hour session here and now it's 2020 and I'm still a non-smoker :-) Amazing. It will be the best money you ever spend. I cannot recommend them enough.” - Ali Khan

This article is co-authored by Declan Davey (Health and Wellness Copywriter)

London Smoking Hypnosis — Get in Touch

Contact the UK’s most recommended hypnotherapist — Aaron Surtees — to get access to smoking hypnosis in London.

Aaron has almost 20 years of experience and has featured in The Telegraph, on the BBC, and had many other media appearances.

His hypnotherapy practice —  City Hypnosis — has more customer reviews than other London hypnosis clinics.

Currently, there are more than 90 reviews on Google

If travel to London is not possible, Aaron and his team also provide online hypnotherapy for smoking cessation.  

Book an appointment with the City Hypnosis team below.


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We will answer any questions you may have about hypnosis for smoking or book an appointment for you. 

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