Post-Traumatic Treatment for Alcohol Addicts Using Hypnosis

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Treatment for Alcohol Addicts Using Hypnotherapy


Research indicates that there is a relationship between childhood trauma and alcoholism. This evidence-based process is effective for people with severe PTSD symptoms from their childhood experiences. Alcohol provides a temporary safe haven away from the stressful emotions. Victims will increase their intake hoping to suppress the bad experiences completely.  Hypnosis for alcohol problems can be used to treat post-traumatic event. In the above example, any incidence of violence in the teenager's life will contribute to the trauma. Psychologist uses different approaches to treat such cases. 

Symptoms of PTSD in Alcoholics

•    Anxiety disorders
•    Sleep disorders
•    Disturbing violent flashbacks
•    Anger management problem over small issues
•    Recurrent bad dreams
•    Unexplained phobias
•    Stress
•    Lack of mental focus

How It Works

The technique used for hypnosis treatment is standard in all areas of application. Hypnosis for alcohol problems resulting from post-traumatic stress disorder is effective. It focuses on suppressed emotions. Our senses are connected to the subconscious part of the brain. Accessing these parts of our brain through hypnosis identifies the root causes of the stressful incidences. 
•    Identifying the triggers that lead to PTSD makes it easy for both the psychologists and victim to work towards successful solutions. Hypnosis approaches used for the treatment of PTSD in alcoholics:
•    Providing the addict with control over the situation by identifying the primary triggers to trauma. For example, a psychologist might recommend seeking of closure to ease up the anger and stress of the victim.
•    Introduction of stress control and reducing activities. They are recorded to enable the PTSD client to use them during and after treatment when needed. 
•    Educating alcohol addicts on emotional control to reduce anxiety stress and anger management issues towards the trigger. 
•    Encouraging the addicts to accept their current situation to work towards recovery.

Hypnosis for alcohol problems is effective for PTSD cases because it accesses locked memories that trigger the trauma leading to addiction. Consider a reputable hypnotherapy organization if you are going through any trauma that has contributed to substance abuse. It will help you address both your past issues and quit substance abuse. 


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