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City Hypnosis works with leading companies across London. We have a fully trained
pool of hypnotherapists who cater for the varying needs of employees. We offer services for
company employees, based mainly in London and the UK. We also provide rich and highly effective
training and development and e-learning programmes for company employees.

Our Hypnotherapists help employees with:

Confidence Building, Stopping Smoking, Weight Loss, HypnoBirthing, Increasing Focus and Motivation,
Public Speaking Confidence, Managing Stress and Managing Anxiety.


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Our Hypnotherapists help employees with:

Confidence Building, Stopping Smoking, Weight Loss, HypnoBirthing, Increasing Focus and Motivation, Public Speaking Confidence, Managing Stress and Managing Anxiety.

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*Hypnosis (as in any other psychological based treatment) is never 100% there's no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary individually.

* Best money I’ve ever spent. A year since the therapy and my marriage has been saved. I feel calmer, healthier and so much happier. Aaron you’re a miracle worker! Thank you.

Peter, 33, Bar Manager, Mar 2014

* Definitely one of the strangest and best experiences of my life. The hypnosis did exactly what I hoped it would do. I can now control my anger before it gets out of hand.

Darren, 32, Business Manager, Feb 2014

* I came to Aaron for anger management and that is exactly what the course has done for me. So I’ve recommended CityHypnosis to plenty of people.

Jane, 33, Mortgage Broker, Jan 2014

Just some feedback, its been 8 months since we did the sessions and I cannot thank you enough, I'm able to automatically utilise the techniques and everything I learnt in our sessions in my day to life to completely manage my anxiety levels. Its helped me be the person I knew I could be

Mike, Commercial Property, Nov 2016

Excellent results from session 1. The impact is quite subtle as you only seem to notice after, or at the end of a day etc but it definitely had quite an effect, Ive lost my sweet tooth and have lost over 15 kilos since our sessions 6 months ago! thanks again very much for your help, it worked!!

Natalie, Structural Engineer, Jul 2016

* Mainly at work with the tight deadlines, comings and goings I used to get really angry and bully people with my angry outbursts. The sessions I had definitely helped me to deal far more calmly with the things that used to infuriate me.

Thomas, 41, Art Director, Aug 2013

* I was initially dubious of how hypnosis could help me, but it has made me see how easy it is to not react to situations.

Peter, 29, Administrator, Jun 2013

* Saying thanks is not enough to express my gratitude for what you’ve done for me. You managed to take me out from the limbo I was living in, unable to communicate and think clearly and bring me back into the real world. Every session we had was a step forward and I could feel gradually the change happening in all aspects of my life. Now, I can communicate and express my thoughts, take action and responsibility. Most of all, years of emotional pain belong to the past, changing my life in a way I could have never thought before.

Derinda, 38, IT, Jun 2014

* I went to see Aaron after being recommended to him from a family member. I was suffering from severe panic attacks, shaking, paranoia, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, my heart used to pound like crazy and I thought I was having a heart attack and dying, it was completely irrational but at the time it felt severe. Even getting to the session was difficult as I became worried about going too far from my house. It had unbelievable results and one year on I have not had one incident and it only took three sessions. Thanks to Aaron and City Hypnosis. Highly recommend it, I still tell people today.

Dominic, 29, Banking, Jan 2014

* I started suffering from panic attacks after a bad motorway driving experience. In the sessions I discovered that when an attack started I would feel that I was about to fall over. The treatment has helped me focus on having balanced strong legs everywhere I go. It worked! It’s been nearly 2 years since we met and I’ve had no recurrence.

Sarah, 37, IT Manager, Dec 2013

* I was recommended to see Aaron by a work colleague who had previously seen him to stop smoking. After the 3 sessions we did I found I had extra confidence, felt happier generally and most importantly I’ve not had a single one of the panic attacks that I used to get on an almost daily basis.

Marcia, 29, Social Worker, Sep 2013

* It has been a genuine life changer as I said to you at the time. So many thanks and much appreciation always for your help

Mark, 30, Scriptwriter, Jul 2013

* I didn’t think anything would help but the hypnosis worked… mainly in teaching me ways to stop blushing taking over and affecting everything.

John, 33, Sales, Mar 2014

* I thought I’d give you an update on how things are going since our last session. Some of the best money I have spent. Things have been going from strength to strength, no blushing symptoms anymore. This has allowed my confidence levels to grow and I’m now looking to take on my third member of staff to work for me, something that would have filled me with dread prior to the start of our sessions. All the best and thanks again for your help.

Paul, 39, Sales Consultant, Feb 2014

"I can recommend city hypnosis without hesitation, my anxiety was so bad that leaving the house or even talking to friends was becoming extremely hard. I feel calmer and able to manage anxiety very effectively following my 4 sessions of hypnosis with you. Thank you so much"

Natasha, Surveyor, Nov 2016

* I cannot say enough how grateful I am to you for helping me with my old blushing problem which badly affected many parts of my life.

Angela, 29, IT, Sep 2012

* The results have been impressive, I’m far happier and much more confident. I am spending lots of time focusing on my work, and have found myself being more productive than ever and getting better results. Thank you so much!

Wayne, 32, Digital Marketing, Nov 2014

* Saying thanks is not enough to express my gratitude for what you’ve done for me. You managed to take me out from the limbo I was living in, unable to communicate and think clearly and bring me back into the real world. Every session we had was a step forward and I could feel gradually the change happening in all aspects of my life. Now, I can communicate and express my thoughts, take action and responsibility. Most of all, years of emotional pain belong to the past, changing my life in a way I could have never thought before.

Peter, 38, IT, May 2014

* It was quite a big deal for me to even try hypnotherapy because my problems were very personal and I’m a private person so talking to anyone about it was difficult. But as soon as I met Jo she instantly put me at ease. I can’t even describe how much it helped me. It changed my mindset in a way I never believed would be possible. It has changed me and given me so much more self-confidence and I am so much happier with who I am. I highly recommend Jo and City Hypnosis

Michelle Williams, 33, Marketing, Jan 2014

* I went from confident speaking in front of people one day to a self-conscious nervous wreck the next. The sessions helped boost my confidence and reduce my anxiety.

Mark, 36, Senior Sales Manager, Oct 2013

* Various life events shook my confidence badly. The confidence course I did has definitely helped bring about renewed, extra confidence with everyday life.

Stephen, 33, IT Software Developer, Jun 2013

* I felt great walking out of the first session. The following sessions added to that positivity and I’ve I continue to feel 7 months later so my appreciation again for your help.

Emile, 29, Arts, Feb 2013

* I did get to a pretty low ebb before seeing Aaron but he has helped me to bring myself out of my old shell much more and be assertive.

Sarah, 34, Estate Agent, Dec 2012

* I still feel my confidence is now healthily high a full year after doing the course.

Caroline, 38, Project Manager Telecommunications, Aug 2012

* It’s been 6 months and I’m not really drinking at all. I’ve had a few celebratory sips of champagne, but that’s about it. I’ve been surprised at how easy it’s been, as I’ve tried hypnotherapy before and it didn’t really worked. In two sessions you’ve transformed my life. I feel a lot more in control of things, my relationship is great and I’ve lost weight and have more energy. I also find when I’m out socially I’m not craving alcohol or obsessing about not being able to have it – which has been the case in the past. I recently had a small amount of red wine at a wedding, but didn’t really enjoy it and was happy to go back on to diet coke. The last few months have been extremely stressful for other reasons yet I’ve been able to cope with the emotions without turning to booze. Thank you for the opportunity to take control of my life again and decide the kind of person I want to be.

D G, 42, Financial Services, Dec 2014

* I wanted to write to you to let you know how you have managed to change my life! I am so grateful to you for what I have achieved over the past year> I was on the verge of losing my wife, my family, my friends and possibly even my life! I used to drink 10-15 miniature bottles of vodka a day. The empties could be tucked away until the coast was clear to discard of them. Today, I can’t stand the smell of alcohol. My relationship with my wife has had the biggest impact. We don’t argue, fight and actually enjoy each other. Before, I would come home from work, eat and go straight to bed. We are now able to save money and enjoy planning the next chapter in our life, a home, a family of our own and most importantly a secure and healthy future. I don’t have an issue being around alcohol and I can enjoy my life now knowing that I am not dependent on alcohol. Anyone who has an issue with alcohol and needs help,providing they want to stop and need the help should definitely come in to see you.Thank you Aaron!

G R, 36, Recruitment, Jun 2014

* I have changed my behaviour around drinking. I am not drinking through the week and am drinking in moderation at the weekends, which was my initial principal aim. I have more energy, and am channeling it into better quality time with my wife and getting more chores completed around the home. Thank you so much for your help. It has been a real transformation.

Simon, 56, Company MD, Mar 2014

* Within only 2 sessions I noted a tangible change and actually felt a huge sense of relief. I regularly felt conflicted with alcohol and my volumes were not conducive to longer term health. This is no longer the case and I am in the positive position of being able to enjoy a few drinks at the weekend without it feeling stilted or a pure forced of will. Quite the opposite in fact. It is a highly positive experience to recommend.

Craig, 32, Asset Management, Jan 2014

I read the Cosmo article which gave me the confidence that this could work for me too and it has done! Its been 6 weeks now and I haven't even felt the urge to bite or pick at my nails or cuticles like I used to do like a trooper! thank you Aaron!

Tina, Hairdresser, Jul 2016

2 years to the day I stopped the habit I started as  3 year old. 40 years old now and thankfully the hypnosis worked a treat on me, I don't even think about it anymore. I can finally enjoy have nice smooth nails without all the ghastly edges

Neil, Receptionist, Jul 2016

* Binge drinking got me into a lot of trouble, and I used to flip between a Jekyll & Hyde drinking personality. The hypnosis worked! For me, a testament of how strong the therapy was is that it kicks in even whilst you’re drinking. Consciously or unconsciously, when I get to my set limit I start drinking water, soft drinks or I just don’t drink any more even when friends or colleagues around me continue drinking.

Mark, 37, Fund Manager, Aug 2013

* It is clear my sessions with you have been a complete success as I have gone from drinking excessively most days of the week to only drinking moderately on weekends. Quite simply, thank you for helping me to find my way out of the darkness; I couldn’t have done it without you!

Scott, 37, Public Sector – Housing, Feb 2013

* I have noticed that I’ve had more energy since the sessions. The results have surprised me very pleasantly. Its given me many good things, most importantly the ability to drink sensibly.

Sophie, 39, Risk Strategist, Oct 2012

* The therapy was brilliant, deeply relaxing and it got my head around establishing control and responsibility with my drinking. I no longer fall from mildly tipsy to out of control drunk. I am now aware of where that tipping point is and am able to slow down or stop drinking when I’ve reached it.

Iain, 33, Asset Management, Jul 2012

Aaron first of all thanks a lot you're a miracle worker! its been about a year since we meet and I haven't had any wobbles since. The old negative thinking in the build up to sex have completely gone mate so thanks so much. Well recommended indeed!

Pavlos, Business Man, Nov 2016

Saw your bbc programme helping the guy with erectile dysfunction and am very glad to say you worked your magic on me too. The confidence is now high and my mind doesn't even let in any negative questions or worries. Its been a good 18 months and has been great so far, I don't see myself ever going back to my old ways. Thanks a lot.

Mark, Stockbroker, Nov 2016

Even one session made a huge difference. Prior to the session I kept on torturing myself, and prepared for the worst. I could not accept realistic explanations that the risk is negligible. I took two flights( over 12 hours each) within a week and departed on the day of the session. I was much calmer and relaxed than ever before. I tried so many things before, but they were all just very short-term almost solutions. This therapy opened new doors in my life, as I found more courage for traveling

Rosie Garcia, 29, Telecommunications, Mar 2014

* We just got back from New Zealand, and the flights went fantastically smoothly.

Kate, 32, Finance IT, Jan 2014

* To be honest, I’m quite amazed, as is my family. I have flown both short and long haul and through some quite bad turbulence and although I’ve been completely aware, it’s like the trigger that has caused all the physical symptoms of fear has been switched off! What’s even more brilliant for me is that I no longer start to feel uncomfortable towards the end of my time abroad – worrying about the flight home.

Rachel, Banking Operations, Sep 2013

* I’ve tried alcohol, sleeping pills even valium, none of them worked. The hypnosis worked. My flights to Australia and back went fine and all subsequent flights have gone smoothly. For that I am eternally thankful.

Lamese, 29, Teacher, Jul 2013

* I have to say what a great help you have been in assisting me with my flying phobia. Although a non-believer in alternative therapy (I’ve always believed that you need pills and potions to correct illness), not only am I cured, I also found the sessions fantastically energizing whilst being one of the most relaxing moments of my week. Thanks and I’ll see you soon to sort out my terrible nicotine habit.

Lee, 36, Sales Director, Mar 2013

* The Virgin Atlantic course, Valium, alcohol and even Diazepam (prescribed by my dentist friend) did not work for me, but I can hand on heart say Aaron your stuff works and works well!!

Helva, 39, Auditor, Jan 2013

* No longer fear flying. I can book my ticket and still feel fine. Take off and land still feeling calm.

Joel, 24, Credit Controller, Dec 2012

* It was an incredible mental change after the hypnosis sessions.

Craig, 29, Financial Analyst, Oct 2012

* My flight to LA from London was actually very calm and I felt relaxed enough to sleep which I haven’t been able to do in years so thank you very much.

Rachel, 21, Jewellery Designer, Aug 2012

* I went to city hypnosis 3 months ago for help in dealing with fibromyalgia. I have seen marked improvements ever since. Particularly related to all but eliminating finger and wrist numbness. I have also been sleeping far better as a result of feeling less back and leg pain

Petra, 29, Solicitor, Aug 2014

* I was recommended to city hypnosis by my gp for helping with a chronic lower back pain issues that had affected my life for over 20 years. I have been able to use the techniques I learnt from Aaron Surtees to control back pain. I have been to use the mind visualisation techniques to lower my feelings of pain. I have also felt far happier and more positive and realise that I no longer need to feel trapped in my body by pain. I feel I have taken control since the hypnosis and am very grateful for the benefits to my life

Katherine Kane, 39, Risk Management, Sep 2013

* I was recommended to CityHypnosis by a friend and am glad I went. I am sleeping much better and feel one hundred times better since the therapy.

Mila, 26, Personal Trainer, Mar 2014

* Thank you so much for helping rid me of my former severe insomnia. I also no longer need to take any sleeping pills.

Petrie, 33, Banking, Jan 2014

* The sessions have helped to get rid of my IBS, and for that I am eternally grateful to you. Again, thanks so much.

Terry, 37, IT, Mar 2014

* I am so glad I looked into hypnosis because it definitely has worked for me. My symptoms vanished session by session. I now feel much happier. I eat what I want and I no longer care about what I eat or where I am or where the nearest loo might be. Many thanks for your help.

Jane, 33, Administrator, Feb 2014

* I’ve been feeling a lot better and comfortable. Today I got up, got ready, went to the toilet and haven’t been since. I’m a lot more comfortable running about town, so things are looking promising.

Gary, 24, IT, Dec 2013

* The 4 sessions we did last summer have been a great help to me. I no longer have the problem of thinking and worrying myself into going to the loo. I feel my problems have been fully cured. I have turned from a sceptic to a believer and I would like to again say a big thanks Aaron.

Charles, 36, Accountancy, Aug 2013

* Since the programme 6 months ago I have managed to feel in total control of not feeling jealousy towards my partner. It has made me feel free, happier and much more confident. So thanks again

Natasha, 29, IT Sales, Mar 2014

* I’ve felt like a different person since the hypnosis and my relationship with my husband is now brilliant as the jealousy was the one thing affecting the quality of our relationship. Was definitely the best investment of my life

Kathleen, 41, Recruitment, Jan 2014

Just a quick a note to say the hypnosis has worked! I'm now able to automatically control anger as you said would be the case. I feel I have extra time now to choose my reaction to whatever situation. This has helped me massively, its also helped my wife and 2 kids and our relationships with one another. Thanks a lot can recommended city hypnosis highly!

Teri, Administrator , Nov 2016

* I was recommended to city hypnosis by my gp for helping with a chronic lower back pain issues that had affected my life for over 20 years. I have been able to use the techniques I learnt from Aaron Surtees to control back pain. I have been to use the mind visualisation techniques to lower my feelings of pain. I have also felt far happier and more positive and realise that I no longer need to feel trapped in my body by pain. I feel I have taken control since the hypnosis and am very grateful for the benefits to my life

Dominic, 36, IT, Sep 2013

* When I came to Aaron at City Hypnosis I had taken my practical driving test 3 times and failed miserably on each attempt. I was fine in lessons and really didn’t have anything else to learn but as soon as I knew a test was approaching I would become a nervous wreck. I wasn’t sleeping properly a few days before and by the day of the test I’d be physically shaking with fear and each time was worse than the last. I had about four sessions in total with Aaron. During the sessions I felt completely relaxed, safe and comfortable but was fully aware of everything around me. During and after each session I had a complete sense of calm. It was like waking up from a really good nights sleep. I recently took my practical test and actually enjoyed the process. I was calm and in control the whole time but more importantly I passed (and passed well). Hypnotherapy isn’t the stage tricks you see on TV it really is an effective treatment for anxiety. For anyone who needs a bit of help with anxiety issues I would highly recommend booking an appointment!

Natalie, Accountant, Mar 2014

Really relaxing 4 sessions of hypnosis that I did with Aaron, it energised me and helped me massively mentally to let go of stresses and concentrate on me and my baby. Really excellent and well worth doing

Carol, Carer, Nov 2016

Well recommended for anyone dealing with the very stressful and equally annoying problem of delayed ejaculation. 4 sessions were enough to allow me to ejaculate without holding in, holding back or thinking myself out of it. Can't explain exactly how its worked. I guess like Aaron mentioned its about re wiring the brain to think differently.

Tim, City Professional, Nov 2016

* Hi Aaron. We did 4 sessions which I found to be really helpful and managed to have the blood test with no problems.

Steve, Banking, Dec 2014

Thanks a lot Aaron, you've cured this issue that broke up my previous relationship and saved my current relationship. Problem solved wish I had seen you years ago!

Tom, Construction Industry, Nov 2016

Kate understood my problems immediately and just knew how to direct the hypnosis to provide a great help for me dealing with the previously hellish 10 days of pre menstrual tension. I no longer dread the onset and have coping mechanisms they I now use automatically which have been incredibly helpful. Thank you

Natalie, Jan 2014

From the first session onwards my whole mindset around ED was changed. The hypnosis automatically built up the confidence in me that I can and would gain and keep my erection. I now have no fear of failing and am totally confident every time me and my girlfriend have sex that there will no more issues

Parvinder, Internet, Nov 2016

* Hi Aaron, I got the job whoop whoop, it was a tough interview, so the hypnosis was a great help, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jenny, 35, Lawyer, Jul 2014

* Our sessions were a breakthrough which I am happy to have gone through.I’m now pitching in front of experts and investors at Facebook headquarters after just a week and feeling excited about it

Andrea, 31, Finance, Jul 2014

* I used to dread public speaking, to the extent that I’d avoid speaking up at meetings. When I was asked to present my ideas to the entire business, I was overcome with anxiety. After three sessions with Kate, the anxiety turned to excitement. I now look forward to public speaking and actively seek opportunities to present to large groups – I’ve even joined a public speaking club.

Nigel Allsop, 44, Finance, Apr 2014

1 year today since we did our 2 sessions and I have felt no urge to bite my nails including during some very stressful periods in my life so that you so much. My nails are looking great at long last!

Priti, Digital Media, Nov 2016

Can recommend city hypnosis who were referred to me by a colleague. From a life long nail biter and cuticle picker I have smooth, good looking nails and haven't bitten or felt the urge to since the sessions nearly 4 months ago now

Peter, Payroll, Nov 2016

I can thoroughly recommend the city hypnosis hypnosis for birth programme. I read about their programme in a magazine, booked in soon after. I went from feeling very worried about giving birth to relaxed and confident about it. I controlled the pain well in labour and gave birth to my beautiful baby boy with no issues to speak of. Thank you

Natalie, Deputy Headteacher, Nov 2016

* Just to let you know that my presentations over the last few weeks have gone well and my confidence levels are much better.” ” I just thought I’d let you know that I am Sao Paulo, Brazil and have just successfully delivered a 50 minute presentation to a group (+-100) of people at the PMO international conference here.

Marion Blake, 36, Law, Nov 2013

* I saw Aaron twice before a job interview. I noticed a difference in that anxiety did not affect my ability to communicate things as I wanted to. I was offered the job, so the hypnosis turned out to be a good investment.

Jason Ditton, 27, Law, Sep 2013

* It worked from the first presentation I had to do 3 days after the hypnosis. I’m getting more and more confident with every talk I give. It’s now been just over 18 months and literally no slips or going back to my old frantic ways!

Patrick, 34, Law, Aug 2013

* I hated any situation where I was the focus of people’s attention. I found it worse before I had to start talking and at the beginning of the talk. The training taught me to see things very clearly for what that are. Now I don’t have any trouble talking to anyone, whether its the boss, people who know me or complete strangers.

Arron, 27, IT, May 2013

A quick reply to your request for feedback. The sessions have had an enormous impact upon my life. I'm now able to take a couple of seconds to automatically choose my reaction before snapping and letting anger control me. This anger management has helped save my marriage in my view and our 4 year old no longer has to listen to my outbursts. Thank you very much for your help!

Sarah, Insurance Professional, Jul 2016

Aaron helped me a lot, keeping extra focus and utilising mind techniques at key moments in my matches.

Professional Golfer, Dec 2014

I’ve noticed a lot of change since the sessions we did and appreciate all the work you have done for me

Premiership Footballer, Defender, Nov 2014

* Aaron helped my 12 year old daughter who is a high level gymnast and it made a massive difference to her confidence and abilities to remain calm and focused during competitions. She has improved a lot and feels much better about her gymnastics since the sessions

Young Gymnast, Jul 2014

* I went to CityHypnosis on recommendation. I was physically in a great shape just lacking mentally… the hypnosis for sure changed a few important mental aspects to my approach to competitive fights.

Boxer, Sep 2013

Aaron Surtees – Part of the Reason we were 3 times British Champions!

Dan Baxter, British Dance Champion, Feb 2015

* I would like to say a huge thank you to Jo for helping me conquer my addiction to cocaine use. I had been a recreational user for the last 15 or so years; and thought it was time that I quit using cocaine. Over the last 3 years I have tried another form of hypnosis and also attended CA meetings. None of them worked. I have never really had the power to be able to say no until now. With other methods I was always struggling on nights out to be able to say no and it was real effort. The method Jo used was perfect for me; Even after a few drinks or a lot of drinks I now don’t even think about it and it doesn’t even enter my mind. I am determined to never use again

London, Oct 2014

* Hello Aaron, just a courtesy email to let you know that I have been out several times over the past few months and I haven’t thought about the drugs. I’d like to thank you very much for your help and would recommend you to anyone who needs help in this manner. You take care Aaron and thank you again.

Broker, London, Mar 2014

* I had been taking cocaine since I was about 17 years old. I had used more the older I was moving to 4 or 5 grams on occasion over an average weekend and easily getting through 30 pints of lager. The sessions with you have helped change my life, I have been drug free for the past year now. I have changed some of my circle of friends and I cannot thank you enough for your help.

Derivatives Trader, London, Feb 2014

I was suffering badly with anxiety that started with a panic on the tube and spread to anxiety almost everywhere from the workplace to even amongst friends and family. I now feel confident and in complete control of anxiety. I feel much calmer since the hypnotherapy sessions and have since progressed in my job which involves more public speaking something 6 months ago I could never have envisaged. So thank you

Emilia, Researcher, Jul 2016

* Having tried and failed to quell my 8 year gambling habit through sheer will power alone, I turned to hypnosis. I could not be more thankful for having entrusted Aaron with my treatment. Hypnosis has truly changed my mindset in a way I could not have possibly imagined and the thoughts and compulsions that plagued me daily have seemingly vanished. I could not recommend City Hypnosis highly enough.

Ben, 41, Journalism, Oct 2014

Can only say that I wish I had found year you a long time ago. The hypnosis helped change my whole mindset around sex, I've been able to have sex for the first time in my life with hardly any discomfort, and now 3 months on there is no discomfort and I can actually enjoy making love with my partner. Thank you so much Aaron!

Priti, Insurance , Nov 2016

* Aaron, as you know, I was in a downward spiral of gambling, losing and then desperately trying to win my money back. It caused me and my wife much grief. Happily, I can now report that the hypnosis sessions have helped me stop gambling completely and regain control of my life. I can’t thank you enough.

Sam, 33, Nurse, Jan 2014

Just some feedback on the sessions we did which have definitely had a major impact on my life. I now feel able to speak up and speak out in the workplace without fearing what others might think about me or what I'm saying. My social anxiety has also gone, I'm now able to feel comfortable socialising amongst people that I know and also don't know. The 4 sessions we did have also boosted my confidence in myself.

Tony, Lab Assistant, Jul 2016

Hi Aaron, just a quick note to say since we met almost a year ago I have a whole new way of thinking about food. When I'm hungry I eat just enough to satisfy my hunger and when I have I stop immediately. I don't worry anymore when I'm a bit hungry, I know I will never starve. I eat less and weigh much less. From 15 stone before seeing you I'm not just under 12 stone, my ideal weight for my height!

Bryan, Chauffeur, Jul 2016

* I was feeling so low, depressed and suicidal. My wife found CityHypnosis on the internet and booked me in with Aaron. He has systematically taken away all my old desire to gamble. I’ve been gamble free for over 2 years now. I cannot thank you enough.

Tariq, 33, Social Services, Sep 2013

Very knowledgeable and very effective hypnosis. I had tried hypnosis about 5 years ago but found city hypnosis to have worked much more deeply and permanently with my issues around confidence and social anxiety

Ben, Finance, Mar 2016

* The roulette machines were bleeding me dry. I was borrowing from everyone, I had loans up to the maximum and was close to losing my house and partner. I can now report back that the hypnosis worked, I can now walk past any betting shop with no temptation to enter.

Claude, Media, Jul 2013

* Gambling and spread betting was ruining my life and destroying my girlfriend’s. It was a vicious cycle that I have miraculously got out of with your help. Always grateful. D.

Dominic, 29, Finance, May 2013

* I was a dedicated social smoker throughout university and after starting work at a law firm this developed into 10 a day habit. I tried patches several times and every New Year would attempt (and fail) to stop. My friends have all been amazed that since my session with Aaron in August 2012 I have not touched a cigarette. Even in the company of other smokers who have offered me cigarettes after a few drinks. That always used to be my downfall. If you are a smoker who wants to give up I would strongly recommend Aaron at City Hypnosis – nothing else has come close and I feel as if I have regained control of my life.

Meera Mohammed, 31, Lawyer, Apr 2014

* I came to Aaron on the 3rd January 2006, over 6 years ago and have not had a cigarete since. The treatment worked immediately. I have never felt like having a cigarette since the day of the hypnosis and it seems strange to me that I did smoke. I can be around smokers and not want a cigarette, and I don’t mind if people are smoking. I feel so much better in myself and no longer get a horrible smokers cough when I have a cold. My home, clothes and hair smell so much better and I enjoy not being a slave to nicotine.

Belinda Riches, 36, Assistant Vice President, New Product Services, Mar 2014

* Aaron helped me kick the habit over 5 yrs ago and I am proud to say I have never thought of smoking since. Very effective and long lasting cure as far as I’m concerned. Giving up has blessed me a new lease of life and some serious fitness- a sub 40minute 10k last year and a healthy indulgence in triathlons!

Gary Lawton, 37, Partner, Russam GMS, Feb 2014

* Just wanted to let you know I’m still not smoking, 2 years after our session. Many thanks!

Dr Julian Jarmain, 37, Registrar in Cardiology, Jan 2014

* It’s been 9 months and I am still not smoking and not wanted to smoke still since I saw you. I have tried every possible way to stop smoking from patches, Champix (NHS prescribed drug), gum and cold turkey. Nothing worked. Friends are amazed that I kicked my 10 a day habit. You’ve added years to my life!

Koby Yagaretnam, 28, Business Strategy Consultant, Dec 2013

* I was smoking for 8 years, I tried to stop smoking many times. I am quite a stubborn person, so wasn’t sure if hypnosis would be a good idea…But hey, its been around 8 months and I am still trying to find out why I started smoking in the first place?! My skin condition improved a lot, I saved a lot of money and time, and my figure is still in the same shape! I am amazed how well it worked.

Egle Bulatovaite, 23, Guest Relations Executive, Oct 2013

* Well I tried Zyban, which worked for about 2 months, the Allen Carr book, the Allen Carr group course (which worked for about 3 months). I also tried patches, gum, spray, my NHS service and cold turkey. The hypnosis finally stopped all cravings and has made me feel so much happier as a non smoker with no desire to smoke.

Teri, 44, Midwife, Sep 2013

I've lost over 2 stone since doing the hypnosis. It has helped me massively control my appetite and eat healthily, I'm very grateful.

Tony, Paralegal, Jul 2016

* Just wanted to update you. It’s been nearly 3 golden non smoking years since I saw you. I will be returning to my home town Philly (Philadelphia) this Spring, but just wanted to say again, thank you so much for your help it’s been awesome.

Amelia Duffy-Tumasz, 26, International Development, Jul 2013

I put out my last cigarette just before coming into your office on the 7th October 2010 and have not smoked since. It hasn’t bothered me whatsoever, it felt quite strange at first. I have been out to bars, clubs, football games, coffee etc etc and not once been tempted to smoke, so I am pleased to say that the session with you was a complete success. Considering I was smoking nearly 20 a day before coming in, I find it remarkable that I haven’t been tempted whatsoever.

Anonymous, Feb 2015

Firstly thanks for changing my life! my marriage was hanging by a thread due to my vaginismus. My husband was very patient with me but I felt like a failure. It turned around with the hypnosis, I felt empowered to let go and relax enough and to expect that I can allow penetration. Its been 5 months now and we are able to have sexual intercourse without pain, it is now enjoyable and has definitely saved or marriage and made us happier people

Helena, Financial Industry, Nov 2016

The 4 sessions of hypnosis have changed my life. I'm now able to have sexual intercourse with my husband without any pain. After years of doctors not knowing what to do with me or giving me anti depressants. I tried botox, surgery and years of counselling, the hypnosis worked almost straight away. I cannot thank you enough!

Mary, Project Manager, Nov 2016

* I have not eaten chocolate for nearly 2 years now since our appointment and have not looked back since.

Fabienne, 36, Marketing, Dec 2013

* Good day Aaron – I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your support and help in my fight to lose weight. Since my 1st visit to date, ( 8 weeks now) I have lost 20 lbs. I always struggled with snacking on sweet and stodgy food late at night. I’m over the moon with the results so far and although I have a long road ahead I feel that I can now get there. Many thanks for everything you have done.

Coral Wedd, 50, School Houseparent, Mar 2014

* My life changed completely since my session with Aaron 10 months ago. I have lost three and half stone (went from size 18 to 12) and I am still losing weight, I don’t only look and feel good, but I also gained my confidence. I would like to say thank you for all the help and support through the whole process.

Karolina Delig, 30, Sales Confidence Coordinator, Feb 2014

I have lost 23 kilos since the sessions. Its been 4 months and I have lost a steady 5 kilos a month. Its been easy, enjoyable and has felt effortless and very natural. I haven’t touched chocolate, bread or junk food. I have felt benefits in every part of my life. Thanks again

Michael Phillips, 39, IT Manager, Feb 2014

* I approached City Hypnosis because I was unhappy with my relationship towards food. Despite my efforts I could never lose the excess weight I’d put on over the years. No matter how healthy I would be or how much I would exercise, I would always sabotage my efforts by constantly snacking and overeating. I also found it very hard to say no to food and to not have seconds. I am overwhelmed by the remarkable changes. My hours are not taken up by thinking about what I should, or should not eat. I am making healthier food choices because I want to, not because I feel like I have to and I’m eating less but feeling more satisfied. Since my first session with Aaron my weight has steadily decreased. I am working out more and eating to fuel my body instead of feed my emotions. I haven’t felt this fit and slim in years. Thanks to Aaron my relationship with food has greatly improved and I’m free to get on with my life!

Michelle Sears, 27, IT, Feb 2014

* I am so astonished and delighted with the results and with the fact that it felt effortless. Since the sessions, 6 months ago, I have lost 34 pounds, 3 dress sizes and 7.5% body fat.

Melanie Evans, 34, PA, Feb 2014

I am absolutely amazed at how hypnosis has helped me loose weight. I’ve tried all the conventional diets out there on the market but City Hypnosis has been the only one that has made me lose 2 stone and counting. I just wish I had tried it earlier. My appetite has decreased significantly and I no longer miss foods or have cravings like I did on other diets. The hypnosis is more of a change of life style than a diet, you don’t feel like you are depriving yourself of anything or missing out!

Andrea Tsarbos, 27, Events Coordinator, Jan 2014

* I wanted to lose around 3 stone that I gained in pregnancy. I had 3 sessions with Aaron and have steadily lost weight every week since, despite Christmas! I was very clear on what I wanted to get out of the sessions which was to eat less, eat only when I’m hungry and make healthy choices. I’m well on the way to my goal, losing nearly two stone in 3 months and I haven’t felt like I’ve restricted myself at all. It has changed my relationship with food and I would recommend this if you are an emotional eater, have issues with portion size and your will power needs a boost. Many thanks for all your help

Angela Rose, 32, Civil Servant IT Account Manager, Jan 2014

* Can’t believe how easy it was, I lost 16 pounds without any effort, why didn’t l come to you sooner. Amazing results!

Anne Hooper, 58, Accounts Assistant, Jan 2014

I have type 1 diabetes. I have been Aaron at City Hypnosis for the past few weeks to stop my binging on sugary foods. In the past 4 weeks after 2 sessions of hypnosis I haven't had any sugar and haven't felt the desire for it, my levels have come down 25%. I feel much better and more energised. I can definitely recommend anyone wanting to cut sugar out of their lives to see Aaron

Colin, 39, IT Founder, Jun 2015

Excellent anger management techniques that I learnt in the hypnosis I'm now able to apply in everyday situations. I feel much happier and so much more relaxed. If someone cuts me up whilst driving, I let it go, when my 3 years old does something very naughty and irritating I'm able to tell him off without losing my temper. I now feel I have control over anger rather than the other way around

Pete, Medical , Nov 2016

Its been 10 months since our sessions and I've lost just under 9 kilos, exactly what I wanted to lose. It doesn't feel like its a boring effort and I know I'm not missing out on anything. I'm enjoying eating the rights in the correct amounts. I have a more enjoyable as well as a healthier relationship now with food

Peter, Financial Regulation, Nov 2016

I was recommended to City Hypnosis by a few people and finally got around to coming. Have felt a massive improvement in how I relate to food, I no longer think about it ALL the time, but only when I'm actually hungry. I've lost 5 kilos over 3 months and am now exactly the weight I wanted to be and can start getting into my smaller sized dresses at last :) 

Smera, Business Acquistion, Nov 2016

I saw Aaron on recommendation for my sessions and they worked a treat. Not sure how it worked but for the first time in many years I no longer crave crisps, chocolates or pastries. I can now leave them on the shelf in the supermarket without hesitation and feel good! My body fat has come down by 4% and i've lost just a little under 9 pounds in 2 months, my target was 8 pounds, so I'm very pleased with my results. Worth every penny without doubt

Wendy, Insurance Broker, Nov 2016

I was very happy with the 4 sessions we did, the hypnosis has definitely helped me think and feel more confident, its helped my whole belief in myself and that I can do anything I put my mind to. I can definitely recommend this programme

Ben, Recruitment Industry, Nov 2016

Hi Aaron, thanks a lot for the hypnosis sessions I feel I have come out of my shell, my mindset around who I am and what I am capable of has been transformed. I'm questioning less and doing more. Its made a considerably positively impact upon every area of my life

Sharon, Property Regulations, Nov 2016

I have been able to last much longer since the hypnosis, it has made a tangible difference to my sex life. I'm no longer expecting it to be over before it's started, I'm able to actually enjoy being in the moment and not worried

Charlie, Lead Generation , Nov 2016

I did the 4 recommended sessions and it has had a massive impact. I no longer have the fear of the fear cycle of such negative thoughts. I'm now able to relax enough to enjoy sex and I'm lasting significantly longer during intercourse than I ever have before

Dom, Renewables, Nov 2016

I've found the sessions of great benefit, they have helped me to drink slowly, to drink far less and far less often and to feel good about that pattern

Pete, Chef , Nov 2016

Before the treatment I was in a bad place with out of control drinking. Often blacking out and not remembering how I got home. The hypnosis with city hypnosis has changed all of that. I feels as though I now have an inbuilt stop button that is sounded far before I've become drunk. I then either drink soft drinks or just go home. Very happy with the results, thanks

Gabrielle, Sales and Marketing , Nov 2016

I wanted to thank you for your help. During the hypnotherapy and over the past 3 months I've been able to come off anti depressants and feel like the person I used to be. Content in my own skin and happy in my own company. Thank you

Clara , Building Maintenance , Nov 2016

It's been a year since the 5 sessions we did and the hypnosis has changed my life. I'm now able to get out of the house and feel like life is worth living. My relationship has improved massively and I have now found a job that suits me. My whole mindset shifted during the sessions we did around this time last. Thanks so much

Terry, Architect , Nov 2016

A quick bit of feedback that you asked for. Well it's good news, I have come out of the clinical depression I was in for past 3 years and I'm seeing the world very differently now. I'm out of my shell and looking people in the eye and communicating on a normal human level. In short I'm back how I used to be and the hypnotherapy with city hypnosis was definitely the catalyst for that!

Josh , Artist, Nov 2016

After 11 years of bulimia the sessions at city hypnosis 6 months ago have helped me finally cure that problem and I believe forever. My mindset around food is now a healthy one. I no longer feel the urge to purge, even if I've over indulged on an occasion or into lots of rich food. I'm a different person now and I owe it to the hypnotherapy. Thank you so much

Tammy , Actress, Nov 2016

It's been a year since my bulimia hypnotherapy treatment with city hypnosis, I think we did 5 sessions in total, I felt my mindset changing session by session. The hypnosis made me feel so relaxed and in control of my life. I am free of bulimia and am now able to live my life the way I want to, enjoying food in a normal rational and healthy way

Karen, Nanny, Nov 2016

I was bulimic from ages 17 up until 34. Counselling had helped to an extent but I always returned to it sooner or later. I saw Aaron for 4 sessions of hypno and I haven't had an episode since nor have I come close. I still like to take each day and each week as it comes but 8 months so far and I'm confident bulimia is no longer a part of my life. Thanks for all your help

Natalie, Businesswoman , Nov 2016

The 4 sessions of hypnosis have 100% cured me of former terrible flying phobia. I know feel comfortable flying by plane including during heavy turbulence! Very happy with the results!

Terence , Hotel Manager , Nov 2016

I had tried several other methods from the virgin Atlantic fear of flying course to drinking lots of alcohol to taking sleeping pills but I still felt terrified flying. Went to city hypnosis on recommendation from a colleague and haven't looked back. Whilst I don't love flying, I'm completely confident now flying and I regularly have to fly to Europe and the US

Hayley, Telecoms Manager , Nov 2016

I haven't had any symptoms of my IBS for the past 5 months since the sessions at city hypnosis (I usually have symptoms at least once a week! And I've had plenty of stress on at work) so it's worked brilliantly for me.

Fabienne, Contractor , Nov 2016

I'm much calmer since our sessions and am now able to completely manage any feelings of discomfort in my stomach and intestine area. It has been the best thing by far that I've done for my IBS. Thank you 

Gary, Bar Manager , Nov 2016

My insomnia problems started during my divorce and lasted for around 5 years. After trying sleeping pills I decided to do something natural and hypnotherapy was the answer, I now expect to sleep and I do sleep. I feel relaxed even getting into bed. The sessions have helped me enormously 

Simon , Forensics , Nov 2016

A quick email to feedback, to my surprise the hypnosis has helped me fall back into a healthy pattern of sleeping. I'm now able to get off to sleep and if I wake in the night I remain relaxed and am easily able to return to sleep. The 4 hypnotherapy session have cured my insomnia so I'm v happy :)

Tara , Scientist , Nov 2016

My jealously was spiralling out of control, even knowing my partner was out drinking with her friends caused me suspicion, anger and jealousy. That's all gone now, I feel calm and relaxed when she's out without me and I feel able to manage any feelings of jealousy I may get easily and without any fuss. We are so much stronger as a couple now the hypnosis with aaron changed my mind completely.

Tom, Fund Manager, Nov 2016

I can highly recommend this city hypnosis programme. The hypnosis I did about 7 months ago have helped me let go of jealous thoughts and to have control over my mind rather than jealousy controlling me. Much happier as a result thanks so much! I've told all my friends about you so expect some calls :)

Hannah , IT contractor , Nov 2016

The hypnosis I had with Aaron has made a massive difference. I'm no able to remain calm and confident waiting my turn to speak. When I speak I feel able to control my adrenaline and project confidence outwards. Recommend highly

Tom, Credit Controller , Nov 2016

The more senior I was getting the more I was expected to speak in public and deliver, but I was getting worse under the pressure. The 4 hypno sessions have changed my mind set around public speaking and I'm now able to take presentation and chair meetings in my stride. Being in the focus of attention no longer bothers me

Gisella , Chartered Accountant , Nov 2016

Cocaine was really leading me down an awful path. I went to city hypnosis on recommendation by a good friend and the work we did has completely changed my mind set around drugs. It's been 6 months and I'm now able to go out on a weekend and enjoy a few drinks and feel no temptation do get some in, even when people around me are doing it. Very happy with the results!

Helen , Finance, Nov 2016

Excellent hypnosis programme. I've been clean 2 years now and haven't even felt like doing it since I walked from the first session

Tom, Insurance Manager , Nov 2016

Highly recommend. I've finally been able to quit coke for good and never ever feel like I'm missing out anymore. The hypnosis just helped break the vicious cycle and put me into a new headspace. 18 months and counting since the hypno

Tara, Fashion, Nov 2016

It's been a life changer. 2 years clean of gambling since I went to city hypnosis, I no longer feel any urge to gamble. The roulette machines mean nothing to me anymore 

Peter , Dog walker , Nov 2016

I was gambling secret for years hiding my tracks as best I could. Husband found out and booked me in with city hypnosis a year ago and I haven't wanted to gamble at all since, not even seriously thought about it. Feel literally free since the hypnosis with aaron. Thanks so much 

Carol, Housewife , Nov 2016

2 years smoke free today since attending the city hypnosis programme. Didn't crave, hardly even thought of smoking after the session! Can recommend it for sure!

Tony, Hedge fund finance , Nov 2016

One of the best things I've done. Laura at city hypnosis helped me quit. I found it surprisingly positive and easy afterwards. My whole mindset had shifted to one of a non smoker

Hannah, Financial Advisor , Nov 2016

I went to city hypnosis on recommendation of a friend a 2 colleagues at work. I'm no longer putting tasks off, and waiting and waiting to do things that I know I should be doing. I feel able to automatically go ahead and start as well as FINISH things. This has also lowered my anxiety levels and massively increased my positivity as well as productivity in all areas of my life

Karen, Property Law, Nov 2016

Aaron just a quick note as you asked for some feedback, the hypnosis worked! Its been about 12 months since the sessions and I wanted to give it a year to look back. My habit patterns have changed fundamentally and Im now able to without thinking to action things without any temptation to delay doing them. My work has improved dramatically as I no longer wait until the final couple of days to submit important work. My personal life has also benefitted as I'm doing all the things Ive always wanted to now and living the way I truly want to live. Thanks a lot you'll be seeing plenty of recommendations coming your way

Tom, Commercial Director, Nov 2016

Thanks a lot for the sessions they have helped my confidence and focus no end in breaking into the professional ranks. Scouts and coaches have noticed dramatic improvements in my overall game and I put it down to the mind hypnosis work we've done

John, Footballer, Nov 2016

Aaron I cant thank you enough I noticed a massive change from the first session in my self belief and abilities to freely express myself and enjoy myself on the dance floor. My dance partner has also noticed and we are placing in the top tens now of most of the competitions we enter and I believe its only a questions of time before we start winning competitions.

Natalie, Dancing, Nov 2016