Weight Loss Hypnosis… Does It Work?

11th December 2020 by Aaron Surtees, the UK’s most recommended hypnotherapist

2020 hasn’t been ideal for those who want to slim down.

The lockdown measures have left many people stuck at home most of the time.

As a result, the late-night battle trying to resist the snack cupboard has become an all-day affair.

If you’ve experienced struggles with your weight, I’m sure you’ll have heard the advice that’s often preached about:
Diets (Keto, Paleo, Atkins, etc…)

  • Exercise regimes…
  • Nutritionists…
  • Personal trainers…
  • Detox cleanses…

All of the above can have their place. They seem to work for some, but certainly not for everyone. So what then?

Well, increasingly, people are searching for alternative solutions.

While hypnotherapy for weight loss isn’t exactly “mainstream” yet, its popularity must have doubled — if not tripled — in the past decade…

Why is it getting so much attention?

As the hypnotist and psychotherapist Capri Cruz (Ph.D.) explains:

“It’s different from other methods because hypnosis addresses the cause… directly at the subconscious level in the person’s mind, where their memories, habits, fears, food associations, negative self-talk, and self-esteem germinate.”

She further goes on to say:

“No other weight loss method addresses the core issues at the root like hypnosis does.”

This begins to give you a hint of how weight loss hypnosis works. In today’s blog, I’ll be exploring the topic in more detail.

Here’s what you can expect by reading on:

  • Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Work?
  • How Many Hypnosis Sessions for Weight Loss?
  • Weight Loss Hypnosis Reviews

– The Surtees Method for Weight Loss

  • Do Weight Loss Hypnosis Apps Work?
  • Cost of Weight Loss Hypnosis
  • Weight Loss Hypnosis Near Me?

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Let’s start by taking a look at what some of the biggest online medical publications have to say about hypnotherapy for weight loss.

Healthline states that “hypnosis may be more effective than diet and exercise alone for people looking to lose weight.”

How does hypnosis work, though?

Mayo Clinic sums up the process well:

“When you’re under hypnosis, your attention is highly focused, and you’re more responsive to suggestions, including behavior changes that can help you lose weight.”

While most of the research to date examines how hypnosis can work for weight loss when combined with other strategies (like counselling and dieting), the small body of research so far has seen positive results.

One study compared hypnotherapy with diet advice for weight loss.

After 18 months, those who’d been given hypnotherapy lost an average of 8 pounds more than the other groups.

If you’d like to read more about hypnosis for weight loss, Oprah Mag published a helpful article answering some key FAQs.


In truth, this will vary depending on the hypnotherapist you visit, as well as your goals for therapy.

For example, a smoking cessation hypnosis can sometimes take only one session, whereas

At City Hypnosis, we provide the option of booking in blocks of four hypnotherapy sessions, as this tends to be the average treatment length for clients who visit us.


  • The Surtees Method for Weight Loss

In this section, I’ll briefly discuss what The Surtees Method is and include reviews from clients who’ve successfully lost weight thanks to the method I use.

There are two main components to The Surtees Method — advanced hypnotic techniques and mind programming (NLP). Together, they have a high success rate of 92% at our City Hypnosis clinic.

But what do others who’ve engaged in this program for the purpose of weight loss have to say about it?

First, let’s hear from Angela, who managed to lose 28 pounds in four months and completely change her relationship with food.

Angela’s weight loss hypnosis review of The Surtees Method 

 “Over four months, I’ve lost 28 pounds”

Source: YouTube

If you’re wondering “does weight loss hypnosis work?” then check out these quotes from Angela in her weight loss hypnosis review:

“Everyone who wants to lose weight knows the steps they need to take but it demands a lot of willpower, so they often fail. That’s why I recommend The Surtees Method — because it’s effortless.”

“I know that to create lasting change, you need to reprogram the way you think about things and your reactions to stimulus. This is why The Surtees Method works, because it works on a subconscious level that makes you change the way you feel and think about a situation.”

“During the hypnosis, it felt completely normal. I was very relaxed and calm, but I was wondering whether it would actually work when I left. But that night, I noticed I left food on my plate, and that was just unheard of.”

“Since doing The Surtees Method, I don’t think about food as much. I’m not obsessed with it and I feel I have more control over my appetite… there’s a little stop in my mind thinking ‘actually, do you really need this right now?’ That’s one of the effects that carry on.”

Angela was chuffed with these results. I’m delighted for her too!

Now, let’s hear from another client who managed to lose 56 pounds with The Surtees Method, showing how well weight loss hypnosis does work.

The Surtees Method weight loss hypnosis review

— “Over 10 years since I first saw Aaron, I did lose 56 pounds and I kept it off.”
Source: YouTube

“Being hypnotised — it is nothing like you experience in some movies where you are completely unconscious. It makes you feel empowered, it makes you feel good… and you will enjoy the whole process.”

“Over 10 years since I first saw Aaron, I did lose 56 pounds and I kept it off. It’s made me feel amazing. I don’t have a problem going out anymore.”

“Since being hypnotised, I don’t crave sweets or crisps — which was my downfall. What I do is have three square meals and I don’t snack. I feel confident and happy with my mind and my body.”

“If you’re looking for a hypnotherapist, I definitely recommend Aaron. He is a nice, friendly, professional person — he will guide you through and will explain how everything will work.”


Hundreds upon hundreds of weight loss apps exist, but are they worth a shot?

A U.S. study introduced over 200 people with a high body mass index (BMI) to the weight loss app, MyFitnessPal.

Significant weight change was not found among those who used the smartphone app, although patients did report that setting calorie goals had been useful.

And while users were satisfied with the app, there was a sharp decrease in logins after the first month.

Though apps are practical, they can’t replace health therapists and practitioners, who offer you encouragement and support along the way.

Weight loss hypnosis apps that feature the voice of a welcoming, gentle hypnotherapist can work well for this reason — it feels less “clinical” than an app without human interaction.

If you’re searching for an app with weight loss hypnosis audios, but would rather have a downloadable file that you can use on different devices, you may want to consider one of my MP3 audios. You’ll find the specific hypnosis audio for weight loss on this page.

Aside from weight loss, there are also audios for smoking, phobias, insomnia, gambling, and more.

The MP3 files are downloadable on your computer (where you can then transfer them to your phone). Each hypnosis audio is 25-35 minutes, on average.

You can check out the weight loss hypnosis below:

Weight Loss Hypnosis Audio with Aaron Surtees

Here’s how you can benefit from the weight loss hypnosis audio:.

  • Develop a healthy relationship with food
  • High success rate
  • Get hypnotised from home
  • One-off purchase, no subscription fees
  • Voice of an internationally acclaimed hypnotherapist

Browse the Full Collection of Hypnosis Audios: 

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The cost of weight loss hypnosis is £275 / session at City Hypnosis when you book in blocks of four sessions.

If you prefer to book a single session with myself (Aaron Surtees) or fellow leading hypnotherapist Jana Sheena, this comes at a cost of £295.

Feel free to contact our City Hypnosis team to ask whether there are any promotions or discounts that you can take advantage of for your first session.


“Where can I find weight loss hypnosis near me?” is a common question that gets searched for on Google.

In 2020, hypnotherapy clinics have had to adapt and several now offer online hypnosis for weight loss. City Hypnosis is one such clinic, as we want to make sure you can still access the help you need.

Appointments you book through us can be arranged via Skype or Zoom, so that you can engage in hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home.

However, please note that we do still provide in-person appointments in central London if this is preferred.

The City Hypnosis clinic is situated in Holborn. Here’s the full address:

25 Southampton Buildings,



Many thanks for reading today’s blog! I hope it’s answered a few questions.

To get in touch with the City Hypnosis team about weight loss hypnosis, you can either call or email:

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