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Anger Management

Your 2 session anger management programme helps you control anger whatever the situation. Benefit from the wealth of experience of award winning Hypnotherapist Aaron Surtees who has helped many thousands of clients over his 15 year career. Using hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming. It helps brings about positive lasting change by helping you change and control your own reactions.

Anger and frustration is completely normal and usually a healthy human emotion. Only when it gets habitually out of control does it lead to problems regarding health, personal relationships, work and social situations and to the general enjoyment of life.

Whilst anger cannot be completely eliminated, this hypnosis programme enables you to effectively release anger no matter what the provocation or perceived provocation. You will feel in complete control of your temper in all situations. Our anger management hypnosis provides you with proven techniques for dealing with anger.

Hypnosis is entirely natural, safe & relaxing. You will remain conscious and in complete control throughout.

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• High Success Rate

• In Control of Anger

• More Relaxed

• Increased Patience

• Less Reactive


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 "Excellent anger management programme, I find I'm now able to let anger go where before I couldn't especially towards my girlfriend. That extra moment of time and mental distance has helped turned my life and my relationship around" 


 "Definitely recommend this audio hypnosis programme, its very well set out, very simple to use and has helped me feel much more relaxed and able to better control my very short fuse" 


 "Happy to review this very effective programme. I've been using these downloads for the past 3 months and have noticed a significant difference, as have my husband or 2 young children. I feel I'm happier and back to my normal self, there have been no occasions of rage or throwing fits since I started listening and its getting better and better. So thank you"

Your 2 session hypnosis audio programme comes highly recommended. City Hypnosis has frequent referrals from GP surgeries as a result of our high success rates and reputation.

Instructions for use:

(Note: the programme/s can be downloaded onto any iOS or Android device or your PC etc)

1) Try to listen with headphones or earphones at a time and place where you will NOT BE disturbed for around 30 mins.

2) Sit or lay in a comfortable place (usually bed, chair or sofa are best) in a room temperature that is comfortable for you.

3) Try to listen to Session 1 on one day and Session 2 on an alternate day (this allows you to absorb the suggestions more easily).

4) You're likely to find either programme 1 or 2 most fitting for you, if so it is fine to only listen to that recording.

5) Try to listen EVERYDAY for the first 1-2 weeks or as many times as practicable for you.

6) You CANNOT over listen, generally speaking the more you listen the more the message is reinforced, so you could listen for weeks! (remember as well as being all about results its also highly relaxing, therapeutic and de-stressing)

7) When you have got the result you want its fine to stop listening (remembering you have the recording FOREVER) should you need it in future.

8) If you fall asleep each time you listen, try it earlier in the day, its most beneficial not to be sleeping throughout it (rather in a physically relaxed but mentally aware and alert state ie the 'hypnotic state')

9) If you have downloaded multiple treatment downloads, its fine to listen to them on alternate days. AVOID listening to MORE than one recording a day.

10) Last but certainly NOT least - ENJOY THE RESULTS!

Best Regards Always,

Aaron Surtees

(Clinical Hypnotherapist - Director of City Hypnosis)