Our stop sugar programme helps to eliminate the desire for artificially sweetened foods and drinks. By using your desire to want to stop eating sweets and sugary products, the hypnosis makes it easy for you to not want to eat them. The programme is individually tailored and can either use positive suggestion to eliminate your desire to eat sugary foods, or aversion techniques to bring about a powerful distaste for sugary foods.

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We use direct hypnotic suggestion to break the cycle of eating sweet foods for comfort, to de stress or when bored. You won’t want them, you won’t need them and you will enjoy all the benefits physically and mentally, of being free from sugary foods and drinks. Our treatment leaves you feeling empowered, happier, healthier and not needing or wanting artificially sweetened foods. when used in combination

Customers have also found our Weight Loss Download beneficial when used in combination with Stop Sugar

Instructions for use:

(Note: the programme/s can be downloaded onto any iOS or Android device or your PC etc)

1) Try to listen with headphones or earphones at a time and place where you will NOT BE disturbed for around 30 mins.

2) Sit or lay in a comfortable place (usually bed, chair or sofa are best) in a room temperature that is comfortable for you.

3) Try to listen to Session 1 on one day and Session 2 on an alternate day (this allows you to absorb the suggestions more easily).

4) You’re likely to find either programme 1 or 2 most fitting for you, if so it is fine to only listen to that recording.

5) Try to listen EVERYDAY for the first 1-2 weeks or as many times as practicable for you.

6) You CANNOT over listen, generally speaking the more you listen the more the message is reinforced, so you could listen for weeks! (remember as well as being all about results its also highly relaxing, therapeutic and de-stressing)

7) When you have got the result you want its fine to stop listening (remembering you have the recording FOREVER) should you need it in future.

8) If you fall asleep each time you listen, try it earlier in the day, its most beneficial not to be sleeping throughout it (rather in a physically relaxed but mentally aware and alert state ie the ‘hypnotic state’)

9) If you have downloaded multiple treatment downloads, its fine to listen to them on alternate days. AVOID listening to MORE than one recording a day.

10) Last but certainly NOT least – ENJOY THE RESULTS!

Best Regards Always,

Aaron Surtees

(Clinical Hypnotherapist – Director of City Hypnosis)


Where do I find my download links for my MP3?
Your receipt of purchase has links for you to download your mp3 files
I can’t find my mp3 now I have downloaded it?
Typical computers and laptops will download your mp3 to your DOWNLOADS folder located on your C: Drive.
If you have an iPhone, from the home screen swipe right and a search bar appears, look at your receipt for the name of your file and you can search for the file that way.
If you have an android phone, like the galaxy s7 or s8 used here, you should locate your MY FILES folder and look for downloads this way, you can also use the search functionality at the top of the screen to locate your files by name.

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