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My 2 session weight loss hypnosis programme helps you deal head on with your relationship with food and eating. The programme replicates as closely as it is possible to do, the experience of seeing a Hypnotherapist face to face.

You will benefit from my 15 years experience as a Hypnotherapist. Aaron is Director of City Hypnosis, London’s leading hypnotherapy practice.

 About the Programme

Hypnosis is used to re-programme the way your mind thinks about food. This rewiring helps you to automatically eat the right foods at the right times for the right reasons. You will view food as fuel not as comfort for boredom, stress, upset, happiness or for any other reason other than to satisfy your physiological need for food. Your mindset will be fundamentally changed allowing you to enjoy a healthy and enjoyable relationship with food on a consistent basis. Weight loss is the natural automatic by product of this fundamental mindset change.

As featured in Healthy, Women’s Health, Metro


“I’ve lost 26 pounds since the programme. I listen to it at least once a week. It has made losing weight feel easy because I’m just not feeling the need to stuff my face anymore with food that my body doesn’t need. Very well recommended”


“After most of my adult life doing diets from Atkins to Lighter Life and even seriously considering having a gastric band fitted, I have received life changing benefits from doing Aaron’s online hypnosis programme. My whole mental attitude has shifted. I’ve lost 14 kilos over the past 7 months and the weight is still coming off. Thank you so much Aaron!”


“From a serial dieter I’ve been 100% converted to hypnosis and no weight loss hypnosis I’ve done in the past has helped me anywhere near how Aaron’s has done. For anyone wanting help to lose weight and implement a healthy attitude to eating where you’re still able to enjoy different foods (including the odd bit of cheat food) but just in a balanced way, this is it. My wife is now doing it and she’s already seeing the benefits. Thanks again”


“My life has changed completely since doing this course. I’ve lost 19 kilos (gone from size 18 to size 12) and I’m still losing.  My confidence has increased massively and I feel good about myself”

Instructions for use:

(Note: the programme/s can be downloaded onto any iOS or Android device or your PC etc)

1) Try to listen with headphones or earphones at a time and place where you will NOT BE disturbed for around 30 mins.

2) Sit or lay in a comfortable place (usually bed, chair or sofa are best) in a room temperature that is comfortable for you.

3) Try to listen to Session 1 on one day and Session 2 on an alternate day (this allows you to absorb the suggestions more easily).

4) You’re likely to find either programme 1 or 2 most fitting for you, if so it is fine to only listen to that recording.

5) Try to listen EVERYDAY for the first 1-2 weeks or as many times as practicable for you.

6) You CANNOT over listen, generally speaking the more you listen the more the message is reinforced, so you could listen for weeks! (remember as well as being all about results its also highly relaxing, therapeutic and de-stressing)

7) When you have got the result you want its fine to stop listening (remembering you have the recording FOREVER) should you need it in future.

8) If you fall asleep each time you listen, try it earlier in the day, its most beneficial not to be sleeping throughout it (rather in a physically relaxed but mentally aware and alert state ie the ‘hypnotic state’)

9) If you have downloaded multiple treatment downloads, its fine to listen to them on alternate days. AVOID listening to MORE than one recording a day.

10) Last but certainly NOT least – ENJOY THE RESULTS!

Best Regards Always,

Aaron Surtees

(Clinical Hypnotherapist – Director of City Hypnosis)


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