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Ask people about the Law of Attraction and you’ll get strong opinions on both sides.

One person will say that trying the law “changed my life forever.”

Another will say the mysterious concept is “fake and a load of rubbish!” 

How about you? Where do you stand?

You may be feeling gconfused about how the Law of Attraction works and whether it’s legitimate.

As an experienced hypnotherapist, I often get questions about what the Law of Attraction is.

This article marks the start of a series I’ll be writing to shine a light on:

  1. Law of Attraction techniques and tools
  2. How to apply the Law of Attraction for goals such as improving confidence and increasing wealth
  3. Practicing successful hypnosis for the Law of Attraction 

Source: YouTube – Testimonial for Law of Attraction Hypnosis

To begin the series, today’s post will discuss the popularity of the Law of Attraction, research on why it works, and who this law is for.

So let’s get started…


If you had to estimate how many people around the world are searching for information on the Law of Attraction, what would you guess?

There are a staggering 135,000 monthly searches for the term “law of attraction” in the United States alone! In the UK, the monthly search figure is approx. 33,000.

Were you close with that guess?

As shown below in the image of Ubersuggest’s search data, other popular terms are “law of attraction quotes” and “the law of attraction book.”

Source: Ubersuggest

Rising demand is no surprise when NASA scientists like Dr. Travis S. Taylor has written books on the topic, such as The Science Behind The Secret: Decoding The Law of Attraction.

Plenty of best-selling books talk about how the Law of Attraction works, including A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (by Eckhart Tolle) and The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (by Joseph Murphy).

You may have heard of some of these Law of Attraction books, which reference the importance of positive thinking and provide strategies on how to manifest your desires.


Respectable names in the self-help industry like Mindvalley and Psychology Today offer varied stances on the integrity of the law, though.

Despite the wildly differing views that you’ll come across, the interest in how the Law of Attraction works hasn’t faded.

Instead, the discussion has increased over time.

The idea that we can change the outcome of our life through thoughts alone is self-empowering.

When we can feel that we can achieve what we set our mind upon, we’re rewarded with a sense of control.

The process goes like this:

“Hey, I can think a) and make b) happen as a result.” 

In a sometimes (or rather, often) crazy world, this gives us structure.

But the question is, how does it work?


The Law of Attraction tells us that positive or negative thoughts influence our experiences.

As the Mayo Clinic reports, positive thoughts can improve health and help with managing stress.

What’s more, repetitive thinking is linked to cognitive decline in research by the University College London.

Thoughts are seen as a form of energy in the Law of Attraction, that we can raise to a higher level or drag down to a lower level through our cognitive choices.

Techniques such as affirmations and visualisation are encouraged, to put out to the world what we want to receive.

We can feel encouraged that, when facing a setback, we have the power to reframe the setback by using carefully-crafted responses to reprogram the mind.

Over time, this can build momentum and forward progress.

Here’s some interesting data for you…

Peter Kinderman (Head of the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society) led a negative life event study on more than 30,000 people.

What he and his team discovered was that “traumatic life events are the main reason people suffer from anxiety and depression.” 

Of course, part of what happens in life is out of our control.

But crucially, Kinderman went on to say that “the way a person thinks about, and deals with, stressful events is as much an indicator of the level of stress and anxiety they feel.”

You can read more about this study in the Psychology Today article, “How Negative Thoughts Are Ruining Your Life.”

Whilst it’s true that how the Law of Attraction works is not yet fully understood, there’s a reason why the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it” is used so often.

Lucky breaks may happen now and then, but most of the time, we have to set the intention first.

Affirmations and visualisations help us do exactly that.

These mechanisms will allow you to create your best future self and restate your goals every day (or multiple times a day) to stay on track.

Deliberate, positive thinking conjures up pleasant feelings like love and confidence, that assist you to maintain motivation.

This is vital to address self-limiting beliefs and negative emotions such as anger, fear, or sadness that may be holding you back.

Hypnosis for Law of Attraction works by a hypnotherapist imprinting high-energy phrases and cues into the subconscious mind, whilst the individual is in a trance-like state.

When the body is in a deeply relaxed state like this, it’s more impressionable to cognitive and emotional change.

The process is more proactive and purpose-driven than meditation, for example.

In a Law of Attraction hypnosis, negative energy is withdrawn, and old, outdated thought patterns you no longer need are overridden.

One of the most simple explanations of how the Law of Attraction works comes from world-famous spiritual author Eckhart Tolle:

“The quality of your consciousness at this moment is what shapes the future.”

You can find out more about how my team provides hypnosis for Law of Attraction on this page, which includes a range of testimonials from past clients.


In my experience, the Law of Attraction is best for individuals who truly want to improve their quality of life.

Whether the goal is to attract love, success, or otherwise, this isn’t the most important part.

What’s crucial is to be open to the idea that the subconscious mind is powerful and we can use the mind’s capacity for change to good effect.

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