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Are you wondering “where can I find hypnotherapy for weight loss near me?”

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But we know that some people can’t travel in and may want support with online video hypnosis sessions, instead.

You can read on to find out how hypnosis can help you lose weight and what happens during a session.

We’ll also share a few weight loss hypnotherapy success stories.

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Aaron Surtees (Senior Hypnotherapist at City Hypnosis)


At its core, hypnosis helps people change their habits, which can include a tendency to overeat or make unhealthy dietary choices.

Exercise and diet can’t be ignored but hypnotherapy is powerful for long-term mindset shifts.

A strong mindset is vital to maintain the healthy habits you’re trying to form.

In terms of the research, here’s what science has to say about hypnotherapy and weight loss…

In a controlled clinical study published in Nature, researchers analysed the effects of hypnotherapy on weight loss in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

The study mainly focused on two forms of hypnotherapy and compared them to a simple, calorie-restricted diet.

By the end of the three months, participants from all groups lost 2-3% of their body weight.

However, at the 18-month follow-up, the results varied…

Researchers noted that individuals who received hypnotherapy lost an additional 3.6 kg (i.e. 8 pounds) on average.

Although this isn’t a gigantic number, it intrigued researchers to further investigate the potential effects of hypnotherapy on weight loss.

In another research paper in PubMed, a meta-analysis of 18 studies was completed comparing the results of cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) to CBT supplemented with hypnosis.

The addition of hypnosis was found to significantly improve treatment success.

As the research journal summarises:

“Effects seemed particularly pronounced for treatments of obesity, especially at long-term follow-up.” 

This means that clients who received hypnosis along with CBT lost more weight post-treatment than those receiving CBT alone.

Hypnosis has also shown impressive results in reducing low-grade inflammation for people with inflammatory bowel disease.

This benefit may partially explain the effects of hypnotherapy on weight loss since generalised inflammation is a hallmark of obesity.


When you attend hypnosis for the first time, your therapist will explain the process and how it promotes weight loss.

You will then discuss any questions, concerns, or fears you may have, as well as your ultimate goals for therapy.

This will assist you and your hypnotherapist to set up a personalised plan that’s tailored to your needs, instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Your therapist will speak calmly to ease you into a state of deep relaxation. This will help lower your stress levels.

Once you reach a more receptive state of mind, your therapist may recommend dietary and exercise changes to help you reach your weight loss goals, whilst distancing yourself from the unhealthy habits that negatively affect your body.

To further motivate you, the therapist may use mental imagery to help you picture yourself reaching those goals.

Once all the major points have been covered, your therapist will gently bring you out of hypnosis.

People often start to see results after 2-3 sessions, but the number and length of sessions depend on your initial state of health and your ultimate goals.

City Hypnosis sessions are available both online and face-to-face, if you prefer to access weight loss hypnotherapy in London.

We have a 4.7* / 5 rating and over 90 client reviews on Google, which is more than other London hypnotherapy clinics.

We also have a customised weight loss hypnosis audio, which you can download to try at home.

You can find our weight loss hypnosis audio on this page:



Angela’s weight loss journey with City Hypnosis (Source: YouTube)

Our weight loss hypnotherapy programme has been running for over 15 years, so we’ve been able to support hundreds of clients on their weight loss journey.

Our success so far hasn’t gone unnoticed…

We were featured in one of the UK’s most popular health publications, Healthy Magazine.

The article mentioned Karolina Delig, who was able to lose more than 3 stone with City Hypnosis.

Her weight loss hypnotherapy review is below:

“My life changed completely after seeing Aaron. I’ve lost 3.5 stones (49 pounds) from size 18 to 12. I’ve gained my confidence back.” – KAROLINA

Here’s another weight loss hypnotherapy success stories from our reviews page…

“I came to Aaron as I was having cravings for sweet things – chocolate, biscuits, crisps, ice cream following new medications I had been prescribed by my Doctor. It was really getting me down. I have had two sessions and the cravings have totally disappeared.  I am exercising more, eating healthily and have started to lose weight. Really delighted with the results.” – GISELLA

And another…

“I was a bit skeptical about the hypnosis process for weight loss when I first started but after spending a small fortune on gym memberships, home workout equipment and diet plans, I knew it was time to work on the one thing that has held me back every time I’ve tried to lose weight: my mind. Over the four weeks, the sessions with Aaron completely changed my relationship with food and I’ve lost over 4kg in the process. I can’t recommend this service highly enough.” – CONNIE

If you’ve been pondering “where can I find hypnotherapy for weight loss near me?” then we hope that City Hypnosis offers you a solution.

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