Hypnotherapy treatment for premature ejection

Premature ejection is a common issue whose effects bar someone from enjoying good sex. This has the potential to dent a man’s confidence and lead those to avoid sex that they would not enjoy or avoiding sex altogether. Some would even prefer going bottom instead of top to void them lasting for a few seconds. When men eject too quickly, they have various excuses, but it is mostly known that lack of control can cause the problem. As such, hypnotherapy treatment for premature ejection is an option worth considering especially if one is considering regaining their sexual confidence. This problem also extends to the question of how long sex ought to last.

Using hypnotherapy as a treatment for premature ejection

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to deal with the problem of early ejection. It is a great way to use the subconscious mind through affirmations. If you can repeat your intentions several times a day, it starts the process of sending a clear message that things need to change. You are a man and you can control over when you can ejaculate. When working through hypnotherapy treatment for premature ejection, you can focus on the affirmations and help them sink in the subconscious mind. This process bypasses the conscious mind and allows one to become confident.

The patient will start with the clearing process. This helps them to clear any emotional baggage that they have so that they can move forward. This means he has to get over past sexual experiences that did not go so well. The next step is to cut ties by releasing the connections that they have in the past as well as the current connections to people or things in the present that might be holding them back.

The next thing is the use of mental rehearsal to make the patient feel as if they have had so many successful sexual encounters. The last thing is the use of hypnotic script that talks directly to the patient’s subconscious mind. These suggestions that sink deep into the subconscious and instruct the dominant part of their mind to get behind the client. It also helps in supporting the client to ensure that they have control over their ejections and everything works well as it is supposed to happen. Remember that the success of hypnotherapy treatment for premature ejection solely depends on your commitment to the process and willingness to change.