How to Manifest Self-Confidence with the Law of Attraction

26th October 2020 by Aaron Surtees, the UK’s most recommended hypnotherapist

What’s the deal with this mysterious thing called confidence?

It goes up, it goes down… and when you need it most, it has the nasty habit of going missing.

Annoying, right?

Wouldn’t life be a lot simpler if you could generate confidence on the spot… or even better if you could feel more consistently “at ease” with yourself?

One thing’s for sure, public interest in how to use the Law of Attraction for self-confidence is on the rise.

There is an array of programmes, courses, and YouTube videos to choose from.

The question is, though — does the Law of Attraction really work?

And if it can indeed make a difference, what are some of the best self-confidence affirmations to get started?

If you’d like to find out more, today’s article could be for you…

Here are the key topics I’ll be discussing:

  • What’s the True Meaning of the Law of Attraction?
  • Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?
  • 10 Self-Confidence Affirmations You Can Use Today
  • Where to Access Law of Attraction Hypnosis



At its most basic level, the Law of Attraction is about taking back control and a feeling of self-empowerment.

A central part of the New Thought philosophy, the law proposes that you can bring more positive or negative experiences into your life depending on the nature of your thoughts.

New Thought philosophy explores the possibility that people have more power to change their circumstances than is often presumed.

The Law of Attraction looks at reality from the perspective of energy.

Thoughts and beliefs are all made up of energy. With this in mind, the Law of Attraction states that you can take steps to “level-up” your energy and invite healthier emotions, improved relationships, or increased wealth.

Sounds pretty appealing…

But first, what does science say about it?



Although Plato — the ancient Greek philosopher — wrote in 391 BC that “likes tend towards likes,” some dismiss the Law of Attraction as a pseudoscience.

A large part of this is due to how hard it is to clearly measure and quantify energy.

Scientists face challenges in being able to establish causality, e.g. how to prove repeated positive thoughts cause positive experiences or events to take place.

Still, there are plenty of encouraging results from the studies that reflect well on the Law of Attraction.

As reported by HuffPost, brain imaging studies have shown how important “mirror neurons” are in how we process and perceive information.

Mirror neurons have been proven to activate through observation alone…

For example, when you see someone smile, the neurons that would become active if you were to smile yourself still turn on.

These activations take place in the parts of the brain that make us more attentive — the premotor and parietal cortex.

But why should we pay attention to this function of neurology?

It boils down to this…

The research suggests that we can generate internal emotional states from external stimuli.

One instance of this is pain. Neurobiology shows that emotions are fundamental in how people experience the sensation of pain.

Focusing or dwelling on pain can make the feeling of discomfort more intense — particularly for those with chronic pain.

And what about confidence?

Well, the scientific discovery of mirror neurons is a potential game-changer.

External stimuli like motivational videos may activate your mirror neurons, but watching a one-off video probably won’t have a long-lasting effect.

Instead, repeated stimuli — such as daily affirmations and visualisations — may provide more consistent neuron activations.

As the well-respected American author and motivational speaker, Jack Canfield says:

“If you are feeling excited, enthusiastic, passionate, happy, joyful, appreciative, or abundant, then you are sending out positive energy.

On the other hand, if you are feeling bored, anxious, stressed out, angry, resentful, or sad, you are sending out negative energy.”

The concept may sound simple in a way, but it’s hard to argue with when you take a minute to really think about it…

A fleeting feeling of anxiety or stress may not have much impact, but if you’re ruminating on negative feelings from one hour to the next, your quality of life can begin to be affected.

So, how can you make a real change and feel more assured as you go about your day?

In the section below, I’ll share a list of 10 self-confidence affirmations to start feeling calmer and happier.


Yes, these may feel cringe-worthy to say at first, but power through — I promise it gets easier with time!

If you’ve never practised affirmations before, saying the phrases to yourself may feel “forced” or awkward.

I’d recommend you do them first thing in the morning or last thing at night (ideally, both).

Repeat the affirmations for self-confidence in front of a mirror, if possible — people often report this has more of an impact.

It’s also best to find a location where you can say the phrases fairly loudly.

The affirmations will be more effective if you can practice them using confident, forthright speech — rather than having to whisper them under your breath in a setting with other people around.

P.S. Don’t feel you have to use all of the affirmations on the list.

You can decide on the two or three that feel like the best “fit” for what you want to achieve. Let me know how you get on!

  1. “I can achieve so much as I develop confidence in myself.”
  2. “Past events are in the past for a reason — I can let go of them now.”
  3. “I aim to be 1% more self-assured than yesterday.”
  4. “With each new moment, I can follow a new, more confident path.”
  5. “I feel the fear and do it anyway.”
  6. “Every day, I take actions to improve my confidence.”
  7. “There’s no such thing as perfection. I focus on progress.”
  8. “My highest self is confident and care-free.”
  9. “Challenges and setbacks are useful learning opportunities.”
  10. “Confidence is becoming my default state.”

The way I explain the importance of affirmations to my clients is like this…

If the Law of Attraction is the toolkit, affirmations are one of the first tools that ought to go in the kit.

Consistency is key when it comes to confidence. Repeating your affirmations several times a day can build a sense of momentum to help you feel calmer and be willing to take more risks.


There are three main ways that you can access hypnosis for the Law of Attraction. They are:

  • Online hypnotherapy sessions
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  • Hypnosis audio tracks

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