Can Hypnosis improve your love life?

Daily Mail journalist Nick Curtis and his wife Ann underwent a course of hypnotherapy at City Hypnosis. Click here to read the full article.

Hypnotherapy for stressed out professionals

Linda Lewis met with City Hypnosis hypnotherapist Aaron Surtees to talk about re-programming the minds of busy professionals . Click here to listen

Can hypnotherapy actually combat sugar cravings?

Women’s Health Magazine (August, 2016) featuring City Hypnosis hypnotherapist Aaron Surtees in the feature, ‘I tried hypnotherapy to beat my sugar cravings’.

Click here to read the article.

Work worries and rising anxiety amongst millennials

Aaron Surtees interviewed by Harpers Bizarre relating to hypnosis working for work related fears and general anxiety.

Click here for full article

Can hypnotherapy really stop you biting your nails?

Click here to read the full article.

How to overcome jealousy in a relationship

Aaron Surtees explains in Female First how hypnotherapy can help to overcome jealousy in a relationship.  Click here to read the full article

Hypnotherapy myth from fact

Aaron Surtees dispels hypnotherapy myth from fact via Parenting Without Tears.  Click here to read the full article

Complementary Therapy for Londoners

The popularity of complementary therapies to treat ailments such as addiction, phobias, weight problems and various health conditions has soared in recent years. One of the most prominent treatments in this space, hypnotherapy, has been shown to be effective in the treatment of health conditions such as phobias, anxiety, and also for breaking certain habits or addictions. Read more

Aaron Surtees on Radio 2

Aaron Surtees discussing hypnosis for fear of heights on Simon Mayo’s Drivetime BBC Radio 2 show.

Click here to listen.

Business Insider Interview

Aaron Surtees interview with leading online business magazine, Business Insider on his hypnosis work helping city traders trade more successfully.

Marie Claire Magazine

Marie Claire Magazine (April, 2013) featuring City Hypnosis hypnotherapist Jo Gowda successfully helping a woman in moving on from a former relationship. In the feature ‘Can you hypnotise away your ex’.

Click here to read the article.

The Sun

Sun Journalist Duncan Begg in his feature on the de-stressing effects of Hypnotherapy

The London Word, journalist Emma Mills recommending our Weight Loss programme in her article City Hypnosis in Chancery Lane.

Hacked Off

A book relating to my helping sports writer Tony Lawrence turn from an under achieving amateur golfer to a highly skilled one.

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SKY Poker's "The Club"

Sky Poker’s ‘The Club’: discussing the psychological techniques used by top Poker players

SKY Poker

Sky Poker, in a guest appearance discussing my help of world leading poker players to boost their game through applying psychological techniques.

BBC Breakfast News

Aaron appeared as a guest on the BBC Breakfast show in an interview discussing sports psychology and Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

The Guardian Newspaper

The Guardian newspaper, in the article Panic Stations, relating to the treatment of a phobia using CityHypnosis.

BBC Radio 1Xtra

Aaron Surtees successfully hypnotising the 2 breakfast show presenters to overcome their fear of dogs and balloons.

BBC3 Three

BBC Three Cherry Healey: Get a Life – Are We All Addicts?

Featuring Aaron Surtees helping a male patient to overcome his (emotional/psychological) impotence in one hypnosis session.