Pepsi Addiction Hypnosis

Reports show that soda drinks are the biggest empty calorie sources in Britain and the rest of Europe. Pepsi addiction can cause much harm such as:

•Energy dips
•Excessive dehydration
•High blood pressure
•Teeth rotting
•Inability to concentrate and focus
•Rapid aging
•Weight gain and weak bones

The worst part about getting addicted to Pepsi is the company will never tell you the bad part. The Pepsi advertisements portray the good life when it comes to taking soda. When you are addicted, you always get a craving to go to the fridge and grab a can. Soon, this becomes a ritual.

Can hypnosis help you treat Pepsi Addiction?

For many years, people have used hypnosis effectively in health care settings. The method is an efficient way of treating addictive disorders. Medical practitioners have been using hypnosis to help patients deal with smoking, drinking and abusing drugs with much success. Recent studies have shown how the subconscious part of your brain can turn off the desire for certain items after hypnosis. Even those that have tried to quit for many years, they can get help with hypnosis.

Fun fact: When you take one Pepsi can, it has 41 grams of carbohydrates all sugars, 150 calories among others. Pepsi contains more calories, sugar than a can of coke.

Apart from hypnosis, how can you curb Pepsi intake? Below are some tips for a healthy soda swap:

If you drink soda to boost your energy levels, try replacing that Pepsi can with tea or coffee. These are rich in antioxidants that are beneficial to your body. You can sweeten them with honey instead of sugar for healthier benefits.

If you are taking Pepsi to boost sugar levels, you can try to manage your stress and avoid dropping your sugar levels. People with low blood sugar need to boost their sugar levels when their sugar drops due to exhaustion. Avoid skipping meals.

Some people drink soda because they feel body yeast. To get over this, try taking effective probiotics and take tea with cinnamon, stevia, and nutmeg. You can also take fruit-infused water.

If you are taking soda due to hormonal imbalance, you can increase your feel-good hormones by taking soy milk, chocolate, edamame, or berries.

How hypnosis helps with Pepsi addiction

Hypnosis allows you to get back in control of your life instead of allowing soda to control you. It helps you deal with the cravings and increases your ability to deal with low energy levels and other things that make you crave for a Pepsi can in a calm and relaxed way.

Hypnosis is one of the effective ways to deal with addictions and most individuals have used it successfully. It is efficient because it relaxes your brain, which allows you to change the thoughts and habits that make you think smoking is beneficial and replace them with positive beliefs and behaviours that support your goal of taking less Pepsi or no Pepsi at all.


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