Struggling with a lack of self-belief and low self-esteem? We can help.

Hundreds of clients have benefited from our trusted treatment programme. We dig deep into the root cause of the lack of confidence and re-programme the unconscious mind to move past it, into a new era of positivity. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is built into the sessions for extra mastery of self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions. Fears, doubts and insecurities become a thing of the past.

Out of 42 clients treated between 2015-2016, we enjoyed a 91.2% success rate.

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Our past clients reported:

  • No longer caring what other people think
  • Feeling able to speak up
  • An elimination of self-doubt
  • Boosted self-esteem

(*Please note results vary individually and there is no guarantee of success)

More Information

  • Hypnosis is entirely natural, safe & relaxing
  • You remain conscious & in complete control
  • All client data is kept strictly confidential
  • Skype & Facetime sessions also available
  • All major cards are accepted

Prices per Session

Aaron Surtees –

£250 or £225 x 4

Alternative Therapists –

£195 each or £175 x 4

Sessions Required

4-5 usually needed

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 9.00am – 9:00pm

Weekends: 10.00am – 5:00pm

Please allow 24 hours notice prior to cancelling any appointment or the full session fee will be required.

Hypnosis for confidence

Hypnosis is entirely natural, safe & relaxing. You will remain conscious and in complete control throughout.

See below, read how Aaron gave a journalist the tools to get over her fear of escalators

The Guardian Newspaper

The Guardian newspaper, in the article Panic Stations, relating to the treatment of a phobia using CityHypnosis.


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