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Fear of Flying

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Fear of Flying Treatment

Your conscious mind can know that flying is statistically the safest mode of transport. And yet, as soon as a flight is booked, the dread in the unconscious mind builds. Often manifesting in panic attacks during take-off.

A fear of flying is like any other fear: it is created by the mind. Our conscious minds know that we are far more likely to die in a car crash than a plane crash, and yet our unconscious mind is terrified of being suspended in the sky, with no control over what happens.

Overcoming this fear is all about calming the irrational unconscious mind down, and rewriting the fears that live there. By replacing habitual fearful thought patterns, you can approach air travel with a newfound confidence and calm. Our hypnosis programme uses highly effective hypnotic suggestion that creates a new mindset around flying that is healthy, positive and calm.

We have a 93% success rate with treating this phobia (out of 63 clients treated between June 2018- June 2019). 

Former clients told us they found:

  • A New Mindset Travelling By Plane
  • No Fear Travelling by Plane
  • Calm and Comfortable about Flying

Click the BLUE PLAY triangles below to view client video testimonial of a former Fear of Flying Client able to fly without fear to New Zealand.

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  • Hypnosis is entirely natural, safe & relaxing
  • You remain conscious & in complete control
  • All client data is kept strictly confidential
  • Skype & Facetime sessions also available
  • All major cards are accepted

Treatment Prices:

Sessions with the UK's most recommended Hypnotherapist - Aaron Surtees

  • £295 each or £255 each (block booking discount x 3 or more)
  • All Major Debit or Credit Cards, Cash, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bitcoin

Sessions with Jana Stanton and Jo Gowda:

  • £220 each or £195 each (block booking discount x 3 or more)


" To be honest, I’m quite amazed, as is my family. I have flown both short and long haul and through some quite bad turbulence and although I’ve been completely aware, it’s like the trigger that has caused all the physical symptoms of fear has been switched off! "

Fear of Flying

" I’ve tried alcohol, various medicines, none of them worked. The hypnosis worked brilliantly. My flights to Australia and back went fine and all subsequent flights have gone smoothly. For that I am eternally thankful. "

Fear of Flying