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Premature Ejaculation

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Premature Ejaculation Hypnosis

Our ejaculatory control depends on our mental state. When we expect premature ejaculation, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Happening because we anticipate it happening. Our minds create an enormously frustrating vicious cycle.

The good news is, hypnotherapy can rewire the way the mind thinks when it comes to sex and ejaculation. Creating a new mindset whereby you expect long-lasting sex and are able to control your bodies ejaculation response through automatic mind control. This becomes the new habit pattern, without you having to think about controlling ejaculation, it happens by itself.

Aaron Surtees was notably featured on a BBC Cherry Healey Programme treating a man overcome his psycho sexual related problem. Aaron has a 91% success rate on this issue (out of 147 men treated between Jan 2021 - Nov 2021).

Former clients report:

  • Calmer and More Confident
  • Feeling of Inbuilt Control of Ejaculation
  • A New Mindset Created
  • A Clarity and Peace of Mind

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More Information

  • Hypnosis is entirely natural, safe & relaxing
  • You remain conscious & in complete control
  • All client data is kept strictly confidential
  • Skype & Facetime sessions also available
  • As Seen on TV
  • All major cards are accepted

Treatment Prices:

To see Aaron Surtees - the UK's most recommended Hypnotherapist and to see leading Hypnotherapist Jana Sheena

  • £350 per session or *£325 per session (*block booking discount x 4 sessions or more)
  • Debit/Credit Cards, Cash, Apple Pay


" Just a quick note to say I found the hypnosis extremely beneficial, I no longer worry about ejaculating too soon and am able to relax much more and enjoy sex much more, I'm lasting longer as a nature result of that. Thank you! "

Premature ejaculation

" Best thing I've ever done, the gels and pills didn't work because its the head that needs sorting and the mind set changing! "

Premature ejaculation