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Public Speaking

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Public Speaking Hypnosis Treatment

Whether you need the help to deal confidently with regular meetings, updates, wedding or best man speeches, job interviews or an important presentation, our public speaking programme has successfully helped thousands of clients to gain a confidence in public speaking in all situations. A calmness replaces the former fear enabling you to effortlessly control adrenaline for effective, comfortable and confident public speaking at all times.

Hypnotherapy goes beneath the conscious mind, into the irrational unconscious mind, rewriting the negative beliefs that become ingrained over time, especially from previous negative experiences with public speaking.

We have a high a success rate of 92% (out of 118 clients treated between Jan 2021 - Nov 2021). 

See below for client text testimonials and click play on the video below to view client video testimonials.

Past clients say they:

  • Confident speaking in front of audiences of any size
  • In control of adrenaline throughout 
  • New freedom and confidence at work
  • No fear mindset established

Recent Testimonial: (see more client testimonials below)


"I can honestly say that Aaron changed my life. Prior to seeing Aaron for the first time I had been made redundant from two successive jobs for being shy and retiring. It got to the stage where I couldn’t speak to anyone in the office such was my anxiety. Aaron brought out the real, authentic me, totally transforming my confidence at work and in my private life. I have since started a new job, have been promoted 4 times and am an industry leader with 30 people in my team and regularly presenting at industry events. Quite the transformation! Speak to Aaron, he will change your life!"

To listen to a variety of audio programs produced by Aaron Surtees DOWNLOAD his new hypnosis app - "Subconsciously" here today! 

*(Aaron's award-winning hypnosis app reinforces and maximises the effectiveness of face to face sessions and is also highly effective for clients not able to do face to face in person appointments)

More Information

  • Hypnosis is entirely natural, safe & relaxing
  • You remain conscious & in complete control
  • All client data is kept strictly confidential
  • Skype & Facetime sessions also available
  • As Seen on TV
  • All major cards are accepted

Treatment Prices:

To see Aaron Surtees - the UK's most recommended Hypnotherapist and to see leading Hypnotherapist Jana Sheena

  • £350 per session or £325 for block bookings.
  • Debit/Credit Cards, Cash, Apple Pay
  • *Please note video sessions are as effective as in person


"Our sessions were a breakthrough which I am happy to have gone through. I’m now pitching in front of experts and investors at Facebook after just a week and feeling excited about it"


Public Speaking

"Just some feedback on the sessions we did which have definitely had a major impact on my life. I now feel able to speak up and speak out in the workplace without fearing what others might think about me or what I'm saying"


Public Speaking

"I used to dread public speaking, to the extent that I’d avoid speaking up at meetings. When I was asked to present my ideas to the entire business, I was overcome with anxiety. After three sessions with Kate, the anxiety turned to excitement. I now look forward to public speaking and actively seek opportunities to present to large groups – I’ve even joined a public speaking club"


Public Speaking Hypnosis

"I saw Aaron twice before a job interview. I noticed a difference in that anxiety did not affect my ability to communicate things as I wanted to. I was offered the job, so the hypnosis turned out to be a good investment"


Public Speaking Hypnosis

"I hated any situation where I was the focus of people’s attention. I found it worse before I had to start talking and at the beginning of the talk. The training taught me to see things very clearly for what that are. Now I don’t have any trouble talking to anyone, whether its the boss, people who know me or complete strangers"

Public Speaking Hypnosis