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Stop Drinking

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Stop Drinking Programme

This hypnosis programme has 15 years of successful results in helping stop drinking. By the time people boook in with us they know they need/have to stop drinking as its having such a large impact on their lives and those in their lives. This motivation and openess to allowing our hypnotherapy to work for them helps maintain our highest success rates in this area.

Many of our clients have tried AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), counselling, CBT and other avenues but these have either worked for a limited time or not at all. Hypnosis is highly effective at re-programming the subconscious mind to lose the desire and urge to drink whatever the situation. It allows you to say no and mean no to all alcohol and feel about socialising sober, able to confidently enjoy soft drinks and not feel like you are missing out. Confidence is instilled deep within your subconscious that you can enjoy a happier life free of booze. Click play on the video below to view client video testimonials.

These past clients report a newfound ability to:

  • Able to say No and Mean No
  • Healthier & Happier
  • Feeling of Pride and Freedom
    (*Please note results vary individually and there is no guarantee of success)

*Click the blue PLAY triangles below to view client video testimonials and to see Aaron successfully treating a client on a BBC documentary programme.

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More Information

  • Hypnosis is entirely natural, safe & relaxing
  • You remain conscious & in complete control
  • All client data is kept strictly confidential
  • Skype & Facetime sessions also available
  • All major cards are accepted

Prices per Session

  • £250 or £195 per session if 4 or 5 sessions are block booked.
  • Sessions Required: 4-5 usually needed but varies individually.


" Within only 2 sessions I noted a tangible change and actually felt a huge sense of relief. I regularly felt conflicted with alcohol and my volumes were not conducive to longer-term health. This is no longer the case and I am in the positive position of being able to enjoy a few drinks at the weekend without it feeling stilted or a pure forced of will. "

Controlled drinking

" I have changed my behaviour around drinking. I am not drinking through the week and am drinking in moderation at the weekends, which was my initial principal aim. I have more energy, and am channeling it into better quality time with my wife and getting more chores completed around the home. "

Controlled drinking