Aaron Surtees Director of City Hypnosis has long used hypnosis to treat city traders to eliminate emotional trading and trade purely using knowledge and skill to negotiate the markets most effectively. He works on both a 1 to 1 level seeing clients at his London Holborn offices and is also consulted to work at various banks and privately owned funds across the City of London. Including Hendersons, UBS, Credit Suisse, Nomura and RBS. Aaron also holds sessions with clients via Skype and Facetime around the world.

Aaron has a high success rate and has been helping traders for over 10 years. Discretion and confidentiality is always upheld to the highest levels. Aaron recently gave an interview to leading online business magazine, Business Insiderrecently explaining a more about how he helps.

Tom, “Aaron has helped me personally for the past 2 years, there has been a tangible difference in how I feel when I trade and how well I trade. He has been a massive help”

Dirk, “The hypnosis from Aaron has definitely made a big impact on me and also on my colleagues of whom he has helped many. The psychological part of trading is just so important and this has been an invaluable source of benefit”

Michael, “Very well recommended hypnotherapist, he clearly understood from the start what he needed to do to give me that extra mental strength and increased levels of concentration and stamina. But most importantly to be completely emotionless with my trades on a consistent basis. Thanks again”

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