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Nail Biting Treatment

We enjoy a high success rate with eliminating nail biting through the use of hypnosis. We combine hypnosis and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) to help you lose the urge the bite your nails. No matter how long you have had the habit or how bad it may be our programme has been successful over the past 15 years. 

All that you need for it to work effectively is to want to stop biting your nails and to be open minded enough to allow the hypnosis to work for you. 

High Success Rate - 90.2% (Dec 2015-Dec 2016: Out of 37 clients treated)

* Please note results vary individually, there is no guarantee of success. 

Click here to read an article in Cosmopolitan magazine helping a client quit her years old nail biting habit.

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  • Hypnosis is entirely natural, safe & relaxing
  • You remain conscious & in complete control
  • All client data is kept strictly confidential
  • Skype & Facetime sessions also available
  • All major cards are accepted

Sessions cost: £195

Skype & Facetime sessions cost: £195

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Please allow 24 hours notice prior to cancelling any appointment or the full session fee will be required.

Results may vary from person to person.

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*Hypnosis (as in any other psychological based treatment) is never 100% there's no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary individually.

Can recommend city hypnosis who were referred to me by a colleague. From a life long nail biter and cuticle picker I have smooth, good looking nails and haven't bitten or felt the urge to since the sessions nearly 4 months ago now

Peter, Payroll, Nov 2016

1 year today since we did our 2 sessions and I have felt no urge to bite my nails including during some very stressful periods in my life so that you so much. My nails are looking great at long last!

Priti, Digital Media, Nov 2016

2 years to the day I stopped the habit I started as  3 year old. 40 years old now and thankfully the hypnosis worked a treat on me, I don't even think about it anymore. I can finally enjoy have nice smooth nails without all the ghastly edges

Neil, Receptionist, Jul 2016

I read the Cosmo article which gave me the confidence that this could work for me too and it has done! Its been 6 weeks now and I haven't even felt the urge to bite or pick at my nails or cuticles like I used to do like a trooper! thank you Aaron!

Tina, Hairdresser, Jul 2016

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