Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Stop Comfort Eating?

Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Stop Comfort Eating?

Hypnotherapy has its doubters for sure, but the question was recently asked, “Does weight loss hypnosis stop comfort eating?”

Hypnotherapy on Television

Many people’s first experience of hypnosis is on television with the “entertainment” side of the business. This has demonstrated people running around like chickens or indeed barking like dogs. But that is just for TV, it’s nothing like the real practice of hypnotherapy, which helps thousands of people annually overcome emotional impediments in their lives like anxiety, fear of flying or spiders, sexual issues, relationship issues, alcoholism, drug abuse and the relationship with food.

Hypnotherapy and Neuro Lingusitic Programming (NLP)

The clients that work with City Hypnosis suffer from one or a number of issues at any one time and a combination of hypnotherapy treatments, coupled with neuro linguistic programming (NLP) really goes a long way to helping those individuals resolve the underlying issues and move forward in a positive fashion.

Aaron Surtees Hypnotherapist

Quite recently Aaron Surtees, director of City Hypnosis and senior hypnotherapist took questions in an interview from people on Facebook, who have never used hypnotherapy but were open to the idea and wanted some upfront answers. All questions were about the topic of weight loss hypnosis and what to expect and how it can help an individual move forward.

The topic as I already mentioned was the question, “Does weight loss hypnosis stop comfort eating?”

The Surtees Method

This article will look at that question and expand on whether it can help and also looks at how Aaron Surtees manages this process, known as the “Surtees Method”.

When quizzed on the subject, Aaron answered “We initially gain all in the information about their problem e.g. weight loss, whether they over eat, eat too much sugar and processed food products, whether they eat through stress or boredom rather than through physical need for food etc. This is done in person, via the phone or via email but is carefully and thoroughly collected through our consultation process.

Once we have collated that information, we then talk about the number of sessions we require, typically 4 weekly sessions or bi-weekly sessions.

In this first therapy session when we meet, we discuss their issues and agree on what help they need to better their relationship with food and therefore affect weight loss.

After we have discussed that and the client is happy and comfortable, we then go into the hypnotic phase where I utilize my 15 years experience of weight loss hypnosis and mind programming to plant the seeds needed into their subconscious mind, to bring about the fundamental mindset changes needed.

The sessions are recorded and the client is recommended to listen to the recording of the session as much as possible in between appointments.

For the following 3 sessions we reinforce all positive results felt throughout the process as well adding in or tweaking areas depending on how they have felt between sessions. So you can see, in addition to simply treating the initial issues, we are constantly revisiting the client’s progress in order to ensure that we are getting maximum effect from the hypnotherapy treatments.

City Hypnosis also ensure they are listening to the recordings post treatment to further cement the permanent changes in their eating habits and relationship with food.

What happens post treatment

Once the hypnotherapy treatments are completed, from time to time you may need a top up session or two. This usually happens when a client has stopped listening to their recording on a regular basis or has had a shift in lifestyle or a tragic event has occurred.

City Hypnosis are always on hand to help bring you back to a point of recognition and treatment in order to once again get your focus on a healthy relationship with food.